J. G. Hertzler

John Garman Hertzler ( born March 18, 1949 in Savannah, Georgia), better known as JG Hertzler is an American actor who was best known for his numerous appearances in various Star Trek series.

Although best known in the role of the Klingon General Martok Chancellor and later in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, he stepped into the role of a volcanic Captains on already in the pilot episode of this series. He also played in the DS9 newspaper illustrator Roy Ritter House and the shapeshifter Laas. In Star Trek: Voyager, he embodied a Hirogen hunter in Star Trek: Enterprise Klingon advocate Kolos and another Klingon Captain.

Hertzler is so common with Jeffrey Combs, Randy Oglesby and Thomas Kopache one of four actors who have played Star Trek seven different roles.

He stepped next to some film projects in numerous other television series like Seinfeld and Six Feet Under - Died is always on and co-wrote with Jeffrey Lang, the two-part "Star Trek - Deep Space Nine ( Anniversary) " Book " The Left Hand of Destiny " in which he ties in with the end of DS9 and his series character Martok with ao Worf, Alexander and Ezri performs a bloody political coup and a mystical side story.



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