Touched by an Angel

Touched by an Angel ( U.S. Title: Touched By An Angel) is an American television series that was produced in nine seasons in the period between 1994 and 2003. A total of 212 episodes emerged.


Monica, Tess, and Andrew are angels who were sent by God to earth in order to help people in trouble and distress.

Their path leads through all the U.S. states, and it comes to encounters with different personalities. The goal of the angels is clear, however; the people of God's love to report.


The television series, created by John Masius, in the United States was a great success. Elf Emmy nominations and three Golden Globe nominations, to name just a few film awards, were the result of many years of shooting.


The angels learn on their travels and the family know Greene, whose father Russell Greene (Gerald McRaney ) is. The Greenes appear in several episodes of the series. Scriptwriter Martha Williamson decided to produce a stand-alone series. From 1996 Promised Land was produced. Thus, the 36th episode is a new beginning from season three at the same time the pilot episode of Promised Land.


  • John Masius ' original script was much darker than it was finally shown in the series. This Tess was a chain-smoking angel Monica frequently went to her throat.
  • First posters for the comedy film Dogma contained the slogan " Get ' touched ' by an Angel ". CBS complained against this reference to the original title of the series.

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