Carol Burnett

Carol Burnett ( born April 26, 1933, San Antonio, Texas ) is an American actress.

Life and achievements

Burnett attended UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television without a regular diploma. In the early 1950s she made her debut in the TV show The Paul Winchell and Jerry Mahoney Show. From 1956 to 1957 she played the role of Celia in the television series Stanley. In 1960, she hosted her own The Carol Burnett Show. In the film comedy Who has slept in my bed? Burnett played in 1963 on the side of Dean Martin and Elizabeth Montgomery. From 1967 to 1978, she moderated again The Carol Burnett Show.

In the television drama to die For the Fatherland Burnett in 1979 starred with Ned Beatty one of the main roles. In 1981, she starred opposite Alan Alda in the comedy Four Seasons. In the television drama girlfriends for life in 1983 she played alongside Elizabeth Taylor one of the two lead roles. From 1996 to 1999 she appeared in the television series Mad About You. In 1998, she starred opposite Walter Matthau as the female lead in the TV comedy Dad's second spring.


Burnett married in 1955, the actor Don Saroyan, the marriage was divorced in 1962. In 1963, she married producer Joe Hamilton, who produced, among others, The Carol Burnett Show. With him she has three children; the marriage was divorced in 1984. In 2001 she married the composer Brian Miller.

Burnett's eldest daughter, Carrie Hamilton died on 20 January 2002 to the consequences of lung cancer and a brain tumor. She was 38 years old. Burnett had publicly expressed in Carrie's youth after they had become addicted to drugs as a teenager propagated to the addiction of young people. She coined it the sentence: " You have to love enough to endure that they temporarily hate one of his children. "

Carol Burnett is the godmother of actress Emma Walton, the daughter of her friend Julie Andrews.

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