2nd Academy Awards

The Oscar ceremony on April 1930 took place on April 3, 1930 at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. It was the 2nd Annual Academy Awards. Prizes were awarded films from the period from 2 August 1928 to 31 July 1929. Both the second and the third Academy Awards were held in 1930. This compensation has made it possible to honor the films from the previous calendar year in future ceremonies. The second ceremony took place again in the context of a banquet, but this time was broadcast on the radio. Unlike last year, the winners were not announced in advance. In addition, the 12 categories were reduced to 7.


William C. de Mille

Winners and nominees

Note: In this ceremony there were no official nominations in advance. Only the winners were announced at the banquet of the jury. All other candidates are based on records of individual departments.

Best Picture

The Broadway Melody - Metro -Goldwyn -Mayer

Best Actor

Warner Baxter - In Old Arizona

Best Actress

Mary Pickford - Coquette

Best Director

Frank Lloyd - The Uncrowned Queen ( The Divine Lady)

Best Screenplay

Hanns Kräly - The Patriot (The Patriot)

Best Camera

Clyde De Vinna - White Shadow ( White Shadows on the South Sea )

Best Art

Cedric Gibbons - The Bridge of San Luis Rey