Cedric Gibbons

Austin Cedric Gibbons ( born March 23, 1893 in Dublin, Ireland, † July 26, 1960 in Hollywood, Los Angeles ) was one of the best known American art directors. As a founding member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, he designed the Oscar sculpture.


Cedric Gibbons studied architecture at New York 's Art Students League and then worked with his father, who was also an architect. In 1915 he began as an assistant to Hugo Ballin at the Edison Studios his film career as an art director. In 1918 he moved to Metro, which merged in 1924 with two other studios to MGM. He remained until end of his career at MGM, where he became one of the premier Designer of the entire film industry.

In 1924 he was a senior art director of the studio, a position he held for 32 years. During this time he was involved in over 1,500 MGM films. His contract said to him in every movie as a senior art director to be specified, regardless of how great was his participation in the film. Over the years, he was largely responsible for the MGM look with opulent decorations. In this costume dramas often came original pieces of furniture from the respective periods are used. 1934 led Gibbons in the adventure film Tarzan and His Mate also directed.

His brother Eliot Gibbons was a screenwriter and his wife Irene was after the departure of Gilbert Adrian head of the wardrobe department of MGM. Cedric Gibbons was married in first marriage with Mexican actress Dolores del Rio. His second wife Hazel Brooks was also an actress.

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A special relationship had Cedric Gibbons for Oscar. He was not only one of the 36 founders of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which awards the prizes, but also the one who designed the sculpture. He was nominated for an Oscar in the course of his career 39 times what in its category ( Best Art Direction ) is a record. Eleven times he was able to win the trophy.

Multiple nominations in one year are partly due to the distinction made ​​since 1941 in scene image for black and white film and color film. Very often worked on the nominated films, a whole team so that several art directors, including gibbons, were also nominated for their community work.

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