Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film

Since 1932, the Oscars are awarded to short films in this category, created by animation technique. For decades, were animated films, the main representatives of this genre until in recent years through innovations in film technology and IT computer animation and claymation movies took the lead and won the majority of awards.

From 1932 to 1970, the name of the category Short Subject was ( cartoon) was created in 1971 in Short Subject ( Animated) renamed and since 1974 called Short film (animated ) - Animated Short Film. Until 1988, the producers were awarded the prize; since 1989, are the directors of the award winners.

The films are after the year in which took place the particular ceremony, listed. The one who has received the 2000 Oscar for best animated short film, has thus received it for a production of 1999.









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