Stephen Bosustow

Stephen Reginald Bosustow ( born November 6, 1911 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada; † 4 July 1981) was a three Oscars excellent Canadian cartoon producer.


Stephen Bosustow moved in childhood with his family to California. At the age of eleven he won an art award at his school. In 1932 he worked for Ub Iwerks at the black-and- white cartoon series Flip the Frog, the following year he was under Walter Lantz at Universal Studios busy. From 1934 to 1941 he was employed as a draftsman at Disney, he worked on the films The Reluctant Dragon and Dumbo the Flying Elephant with without being in the credits. In 1941 he took part in a strike at Disney and was subsequently dismissed.

Bosustow first worked then as an illustrator in the aerospace company Hughes Aircraft and founded in 1942 his own animation production company and joined shortly thereafter with another former Disney employees for independent production company Industrial film together, renamed the short time later in United Productions of America ( UPA) and temporarily became the biggest competitor of Disney. One of the most famous short films from this period was Hell- Bent For Election, a dreizehnminüter animated film, which campaigned for the reelection of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. As co-founder of the UPA, he served as President and as a producer. His most famous productions were the Mister Magoo movies, he also developed the concept for the produced 1960 eponymous television series.

Bosustow was 14 times nominated for an Oscar and was able to win the prize three times. At the award ceremony in 1957, he received all nominations in the category of Best Animated Short Film and consequently the price. He is the only film producer who has ever received any nomination to a category in the history of the Oscars. In 1960 he sold his shares in the UPA and founded Stephen Bosustow Productions, which was acquired after his death by his sons; his son Nick Bosustow in 1971 even won the Oscar.