Fred Quimby

Frederick C. "Fred" Quimby ( born July 31, 1883 in Minneapolis, † September 16, 1965 in Santa Monica, California ) was a producer at the Metro -Goldwyn -Mayer cartoon studio. Known are his cartoons with Tom and Jerry.

In his career, he was seven times winner of the Oscar in the category Best Short Subject, Cartoons.


Fred Quimby was born in 1883 in Minneapolis and began his career as a journalist. In 1907 he directed a movie theater in Missoula, Montana. Later he worked at Pathé and there rose to one of the directors, but left the company in 1921 to become an independent producer. In 1924 he began his work at Fox, from 1927 he worked at Metro -Goldwyn- Mayer. In 1937, he headed the department of animated films.

In 1938 he began with the production of animated films with William Hanna and Joseph Barbera that dealt with a cat and a mouse. From these, the films with Tom and Jerry, with whom he won several Oscars developed. In addition, he undertook in 1942 Tex Avery, who produced some of his most famous cartoons for Quimby.

1955 Quimby retired. Hanna and Barbera took over the production of the Tom and Jerry movies by the close of the MGM cartoon department in 1957. Fred Quimby died in 1965 in Santa Monica, California.

Academy Awards

  • Best Short Film in 1943: Tom plays pyrotechnician ( The Yankee Doodle Mouse) as Producer
  • Best Short Film in 1944: Tom (Mouse Trouble ) forms as a producer
  • Best Short Film 1945: Tom the night watchman (Quiet Please! ) As Producer
  • Best Short Film 1946: Tom gives a concert ( The Cat Concerto ) as Producer
  • Best Short Film 1948: Tom and I and Nibbelchen ( The Little Orphan ) as Producer
  • Best Short Film in 1951: The Love Tom loses his head ( The Two Mouseketeers ) as Producer
  • Best Short Film 1952: Cat and Mouse in the waltz (Johann Mouse) as Producer