CeCe Winans

Priscilla Marie " CeCe " Winans Love ( born October 8, 1964 in Detroit, Michigan) is an American gospel singer.

CeCe Winans comes from a large family of musicians. Had four of her older brothers already as The Winans great success in the gospel area and the mid-1980s she began even as a duet with her ​​brother Benjamin " BeBe " Winans in the music business and they had to 1994 numerous achievements, including two Grammy Awards for the best gospel singer 1988 the title for Always and 1990 for Do not Cry, and one for the joint album Different Lifestyles ( 1991), which sold over one million copies, and # 1 on the R & B charts reaching, as were two singles from it.

In 1995 she tied with her ​​first solo album Alone in His Presence seamlessly it to. The album, which had meanwhile also sold over a million copies in 1996 won the Grammy Award for Best Gospel Album.

She also sang in the same year, a duet with Whitney Houston on the soundtrack album to the film Waiting to Exhale Waiting to Exhale (English Waiting to Exhale ) the song Count on Me, which became an international chart success and in the U.S. reached number 8.

Since then she has published regularly on successful solo albums and so far it could accept a number of other awards ( for the song Pray 2002 for the album CeCe Winans and 2006) and three more gold records, two Grammys.


  • Heaven ( 1988)
  • Different Lifestyles (1991 )
  • First Christmas (1993 )
  • Relationships (1994)
  • Still (2009)

Solo albums

  • Alone in His Presence ( 1995)
  • Everlasting Love (1998)
  • His Gift ( 1998)
  • Alabaster Box (1999)
  • CeCe Winans (2001)
  • Throne Room (2003)
  • Purified (2005)
  • Thy Kingdom Come (2008)
  • Songs of Emotional Healing ( 2010)