J. M. Robertson

John Mackinnon Robertson ( born November 14, 1856, on the Isle of Arran, † January 5, 1933 ) was a British civil rights activist and politician.


In 1878, he became a follower of Charles Bradlaugh secular ideas. For the secularization, he was initially involved in Edinburgh, then in London for Bradlaugh Magazine National Reformer. With Bradlaugh 's death (1891 ) he took over the editorship. In 1899 he was engaged in the South Place Ethical Society. In the years 1906-1918 he acted as deputy Tyneside in Parliament. Robertson was representative of the Jesus myth, according to which the existence of a historical figure of Jesus Christ is in dispute. Rather, the stories about Jesus from the Jewish cult of Joshua had developed, which he describes as a solar deity.