J. P. Mallory

James Patrick Mallory ( b. 1945 ) is an American archaeologist and Indo-Europeanist. He teaches at the Queen's University of Belfast in Northern Ireland.

Mallory studied until 1967 at Occidental College in California and served three years as a military policeman in the U.S. Army. In 1975 he received his PhD in Indo-European Studies at the University of California. In 1998 he was professor of prehistoric archeology.

Mallory dealt mainly with the early Neolithic and the European Bronze Age, the original homeland of the Indo-Europeans and the early Irish archeology. He works across disciplines and pulls alongside archaeological and literary and linguistic findings zoom. Mallory has spoken strongly in the professional public against the thesis of Colin Renfrew, who suspects the original homeland of the Indo-Europeans in Anatolia. Methodically, he defended the linguistic paleontology that works with voice and vocabulary to compare, and threw Renfrew before he reject them because they refute his Anatolian hypothesis. Mallory is the editor of the Journal of Indo- European Studies.

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