Journal of Indo-European Studies

The Journal of Indo- European Studies ( Jie ) is an American international and interdisciplinary scientific journal of the Indo-European studies. The magazine was founded in 1973 by the British anthropologist Roger Pearson and Marija Gimbutas by long -time editor was the philologist Edgar C. Polomé. The journal publishes peer -reviewed articles and reviews to the disciplines of anthropology, linguistics (linguistics), the study of religion and mythology, as well as the general cultural history of Indo-European peoples. The journal is published in four issues per year. The current main responsible publisher is the British archaeologist James Patrick Mallory of the University Belfast for the Institute for the Study of Man in Washington, DC in conjunction with the University of Southern Mississippi.

In addition to the regular publication of a monographic series appears irregularly, the Journal of Indo- European Studies. Monograph Series. In this series, Commemorative, and separate treatises on specific topics of the usual spectrum are published. Since 2006, an online full-text archive for institutional subscribers has been implemented on the website of the journal.

The founder Roger Pearson is a well-known politician of the extreme right and tended decidedly in his work clearly fascistic ideologemes as eugenics, racial segregation and a European "Pan - Germanism ". Pearson's other activities as editor of the journal The Mankind Quarterly and the founding of the Northern League and the Institute for the Study of Man are, or were initially in this context ideological tendencies. The Journal of Indo- European Studies is now the only publication of the Institute for the Study of Man.