J. Ralph

Joshua Ralph ( born 1975 ), better known as J. Ralph, is a musician whose songs were known primarily by advertising various companies like Porsche, Nike, Volkswagen and Volvo.


Since he never had a musical education, he found it hard at first, to write their own songs. Ralph, however, is known to learn to play a variety of instruments within a very short time. These include, among others, oboe, saxophone, triangle, harmonica and kazoo. This allows him to write polyphonic instrumental pieces. In addition, he has worked with a 56 -person Occupied orchestra, which is particularly striking in the song Untitled 17 and composed mainly of members of the New York Philharmonic Symphony. It was published two of his CDs: The Illusionary Movements of Geraldine and nazu and Music to Mauzner By, the latter under the pseudonym Spy. In 1999, his song " Will not You Come Down " was re-released on the soundtrack to the movie Mystery Men, which is already available on the album Spy.

Ralph wrote the theme song "Kansas City Shuffle " the Hollywood production Lucky Number Slevin. His studio is located in a former silent movie cinema in Manhattan.


  • 2009: The Bay ( engl. The Cave ), soundtrack to the documentary thriller from the former dolphin trainer ( Flipper ) Ric O ' Barry.
  • 2006: Lucky Number Slevin Lucky Number Slevin soundtrack to the film, taken with a 75 -piece symphony orchestra in the Catholic Church of St. Thomas Chapel in Seattle. ( Rumor Mill Records)
  • 2005: The Illusionary Movements Of Geraldine And nazu, music by J. Ralph for advertising films, directed by Carter Burwell, with musicians from the New York Philharmonic. ( Rumor Mill Records)
  • 1999: Music to Mauzner By ( Atlantic / WEA)