Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah

Jabir al -Ahmad al - Jabir al- Sabah (Arabic جابر الأحمد الجابر الصباح, DMG Ǧābir al - Ahmad al - Sabah Ǧābir aṣ; born June 29, 1926 in Kuwait City, † January 15, 2006 ibid ) was head of state of Kuwait.


Jabir was the third son of Sheikh Ahmad al - Jabir al- Sabah ( 1885-1950 ). He attended al - Mubarakiyya school and received private lessons in religion, English and Arabic. In 1949, he served as director of public relations in the Ahmadi area. In 1962 he was Kuwait's first finance and economy minister. In 1965, he became Prime Minister of Kuwait and 1966 Crown Prince.

Since December 31, 1977, he ruled Kuwait, with an interruption in 1990 and 1991 (see: Alaa Hussein Ali and Second Gulf War). Jabir went in August 1990 to Saudi Arabia in exile. He returned on 14 March 1991 his country back .. One of his brothers had been killed during the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait by Iraqi soldiers.

In 1981, Jabir was recognized by the State of Kuwait for his services to his country.

On September 21, 2001, he suffered a mild stroke. Jabir al -Ahmad al - Jabir al- Sabah died on 15 January 2006.


Jabir was married to six women:

Together with his wives, he had 17 sons and 21 daughters.