Jacques Doillon

Jacques Doillon ( born March 15, 1944 in Paris ) is a French film director and screenwriter.


He began his career as an assistant editor, followed by several short films as a director. His first feature film came in 1974 with The Finger in the head. This was followed by about 30 more films in over 30 years. His films were nominated for the Golden Palm, among others, the Golden Bear and the Golden Lion, but won only minor film awards at major festivals. Doillon preferred especially children and young people for his starring roles and then with them in his films to reflect the problems of growing up. So he made at the 1996 Venice Film Festival sensation, he gave the then four -year-old Victoire Thivisol, the lead role in his film Ponette that there was honored as Best Actress. Among his best known and most successful films also include still: The small Gangster ( 1990) and Le Jeune Werther ( 1993). It was during the 1980s with the actress Jane Birkin romantically involved, their daughter is the French actress Lou Doillon.

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