Jane Birkin

Jane Mallory Birkin (born 14 December 1946 in London) is a British actress and singer. She lives since the late 1960s in Brittany near Saint- Pabu.


Birkin is the daughter of Lieutenant - Commander David Birkin and actress Judy Campbell. Birkin's brother is the British director and screenwriter Andrew Birkin.

Birkin was the wife of composer John Barry, later companion of the singer, composer, writer and director Serge Gainsbourg and Jacques Doillon then the director. Her daughters Kate Barry (1967-2013), Charlotte Gainsbourg and Lou Doillon sprang from these relationships.

Life and work

Birkin 's international breakthrough came in her role as a fashion model in Michelangelo Antonioni's cult film Blow Up. The film received the Palme d'Or at the 1967 film festival in Cannes.

During the filming of slogan she met Serge Gainsbourg. With him, she performed in 1969, written by Gainsbourg Title Je t'aime ... moi non plus new, the latter had originally sung with Brigitte Bardot, but not posted on their ( and her then husband Gunter Sachs) Please. The song was on some radio stations from time to time on the index, because text and Beischlafgeräusche recording from a part of the program-makers and listeners were perceived as offensive. The recording sold - probably why - within a few months over a million copies and made the couple internationally known.

Gainsbourg and Birkin then produced for twelve years and solo music together. So they worked on Gainsbourg's album L' histoire de Melody Nelson (1971 ) and his surrealistic film. Birkin has starred in numerous movies with.

In 1981, Birkin left her longtime partner Gainsbourg. Your new partner, the director Jacques Doillon, helped her during the 1980s to some important roles that they could strengthen their credibility as a serious actress on.

Serge Gainsbourg Jane Birkin in 1990 dedicated his last album Amours of feintes. After the death of Gainsbourg in 1991, Birkin decided to end her musical career. However, since 1998 they re-released their own music recordings, some with well-known artists such as violinist Djamel Benyelles, Manu Chao, Brian Molko, Bryan Ferry and Beth Gibbons.

Birkin was the guest of honor Viennale 2005. Were performed in her honor some of their films during the festival, such as Je t'aime, La Pirate and Daddy Nostalgie.

In March 2006, her album Fictions on which she again worked with contemporary musicians such as Beth Gibbons, Johnny Marr or Rufus Wainwright appeared. In addition, can be found on the album cover versions of Tom Waits ( Alice), Neil Young ( Harvest Moon ) and Kate Bush ( Mother Stands For Comfort).

The Birkin Bag

The famous Parisian fashion house Hermès named 1984 designed especially for Birkin handbag for her. Two years earlier, Birkin and the then CEO of Hermes, Jean Louis Dumas had met during a flight from New York to Paris. Birkin, who wore an open Basttasche that day, complained to Dumas, the classic Kelly bag by Hermès was indeed beautiful, but much too small. Even during the flight began Dumas and Birkin, to scribble handbag designs on a napkin. Dumas liked Birkin's ideas and after arriving in Paris, he gave his designers the order to develop the model. The first collection of " Birkin Bag " was released in 1984.

Filmography (selection)

Discography (excerpt)

  • Di Doo Dah (1973 )
  • Lolita Go Home (1975 )
  • Ex Fan Des Sixties (1978 )
  • Baby Alone In Babylone (1983 )
  • Jane Au Bataclan (1987 )
  • Amours Des Feintes (1990 )
  • Integral Au Casino De Paris ( 1992)
  • Versions Jane (1996)
  • A L' olympia Integral (1996 )
  • The Best Of (1998)
  • A la légère (1999)
  • Arabesque (2002) ( live album )
  • Rendez -vous (2004)
  • Fictions (2006)
  • Enfants d' Hiver (2008)