Jake 2.0

  • Christopher Gorham Jake Foley
  • Marina Black: Sarah Heywood
  • Philip Anthony -Rodriguez: Agent Kyle Duarte
  • Judith Scott: Louise Beckett
  • Keegan Connor Tracy: Dr. Diane Hughes
  • Rachel Hayward: Valerie Warner

Jake 2.0 is an erstausgestrahlte 2003-2004, American television series produced by UPN.


The series is about Jake Foley, an IT freak of the National Security Agency, who was infected in a laboratory accident with nanotechnology. From then give it the microscopic " nanomeds " superhuman powers, and it is formed under the direction of Louise Beckett to top agents. At the center next to Jake's often perilous missions are mainly the effect of the infection on its environment and private life.


  • " In this short-lived - UPN showed only 12 episodes, in total there are 16 - American sci-fi series is about Jake Foley, who gets superhuman abilities due to an accident and is henceforth used by the National Security Agency. Jake 2.0 ' is difficult to bear. The story offers no surprises and actor Christopher Gorham extremely annoying. Weak television. "- Jens Schröder
  • " The story starts a little slow, but in retrospect give the information listed above, which can only be classified as unimportant, the series only makes sense. The mixture of suspense, humor and story is very well tailored. But are the eternal superhero stories not for everyone. "- Fabian Böhme


Keegan Connor Tracy in 2005 for her performance in the Leo Award in the category Dramatic Series: Best Lead Performance by a nominated Female.

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  • Since Jake 2.0 was very low ratings in the United States, the series was canceled after 16 episodes.
  • In the episode " The file Dumont " is one of the shelters in the two twenty-one B BakkerStrasse - an allusion to the residence of the master detective Sherlock Holmes.