Christopher Gorham

Christopher Gorham (also: Christopher Gorham ) ( born August 14, 1974 in Fresno, California) is an American actor.

Life and career

He grew up in Fresno, where he attended the " Roosevelt School of the Arts ", but later moved to Los Angeles to make there at the University of California with a degree in film and theater.

After a few guest appearances in series such as Party of Five and Felicity, and in the film Dean Quixote Gorham received in 2002 his first series starring role in Odyssey 5 Thereafter, however, he had no luck with other television projects. Both Odyssey 5 and the following series Jake 2.0, Medical Investigation and Out of Practice, in which he participated were discontinued prematurely due to disappointing ratings.

In the first and second season of the series Ugly Betty! he also played with. For the filming of the third season of the location was moved, and Gorham left the series, but returned at the end of the third season back. After the fourth season, the show was set. Since 2010 he plays the blind CIA agent August " Auggie " Anderson in the action and drama series Covert Affairs.

Since 2002, he is married with Anel Lopez and two sons. In January 2009 came the third child, a girl, was born.