Ugly Betty

Ugly Betty! (Original Title: Ugly Betty ) is an American adaptation of the Colombian telenovela Yo soy Betty, la fea ( German: I am Betty, the Ugly ). With Ugly Betty! succeeded in the U.S. broadcaster ABC of the most successful series reboot of the 2006 season. Similar to the German version of Love in Berlin it is about the wallflower Betty Suarez (America Ferrera ), who as an assistant to her attractive junior manager (Eric Mabius ) is assigned. In contrast to the German telenovela but do not fall in love with him and also otherwise "Ugly Betty " is different from "That's Life ".

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  • 4.2 German-speaking


Season 1

The 22 -year-old Betty Suarez lives with her Mexican father and her older sister and her underage son Justin in Queens, New York. She is outwardly unattractive and has no sense of fashion and styling. Betty has good qualifications and wants to get ahead in business, but is inexperienced, good-natured and outside their usual environment, sometimes slightly naive. She suffers a sudden culture shock when she gets a job at "Mode", a trendy fashion magazine in Manhattan, which is part of the publishing group of Bradford Meade. His son Daniel is just been appointed as the new editor in chief of "Mode" after the death of Fey Sommers ( Bradford's longtime affair ). Since Daniel in the past often had affairs with attractive staff, his father committed the unattractive Betty as new assistant for him and looks over her obvious inexperience of time. Over time, Betty and Daniel 's friends and help one another when navigating their professional and private life.

Working at "Mode" is complicated by the employee for Betty and Daniel. Your biggest threat comes from working as Creative Director Wilhelmina Slater, a vindictive schemer who designed numerous plans to steal Daniel's job and to gain control of his company. In addition, mock and humiliate Wilhelmina's loyal assistant Marc St. James and "Mode" receptionist Amanda Sommers continually Betty for her lackluster appearance, their bumbling nature and its lack of taste in fashion. However, not everyone is in " fashion " against Betty, she gains loyal friends, such as seamstress Christina McKinney and accountant Henry Grubstick. Also from her family, she receives strong support, but have to deal simultaneously with their own problems themselves. Her father Ignacio struggles with the immigration authorities and his health problems, and Betty's older sister Hilda tries to find a job and to save the relationship with Justin's father.

Season 2

It focuses on the love triangle between Betty, Henry and Giovanni "Gio " Rossi, an employee of a delicatessen, as well as Claire's stay and escape from the prison and the aborted wedding of Wilhelmina Slater and Bradford Meade. Daniel and Alexis's power struggle after their father's death sparked while Amanda is looking for her biological father and Marc a relationship with fashion photographer Cliff St. Paul received. Hilda tries to make career as a beautician career while a liaison with Justin's gym teacher arises in their private lives. Christina looks after long her sick husband again and Wilhelmina tries to beget an heir of Bradford's sperm.

Season 3

Wilhelmina finally gets the post of chief editor and takes Betty as an assistant. With the setting of Kimmie, what Betty has been annoyed to high school times, a new competitor that fights with unfair means will appear. In order to drive their career progression, she responds with Marc in a training course for junior editors, the YETI program on. There she met sports reporter Matt Hartley know and after a few dates they come together. As it turns out, that he comes from a very rich and influential parents, Daniel hoped for financial aid, because by the misappropriation of his new business partner Connor Owens puts "Mode" in the crisis. Privately, he is Connor in the way, because Daniel is seriously in love with his fiancée Molly, who is suffering from cancer. After Connor has fled abroad, marry Daniel and Molly.

Season 4

In her new job at " fashion " as a cultural editor, Betty has to deal with her ​​ex-boyfriend Matt, who is her new boss there. She will also be assigned as assistant to Marc, who does not always loyal. Her sister Hilda meets her former heartthrob Bobby, she gradually comes closer. Towards the end of the season receives a lucrative job offer Betty, but in London. Hilda is pregnant and is considering to join Bobby to Manhattan.

Daniel, however, can be the beginning of the season Molly's death processed poorly and missed Betty as an assistant. His new assistant Natalie, a member of the " community of the Phoenix", introduces him to the Leader Dylan Bennett. As Bennett Daniel influenced creative processes and business decisions, Betty, Claire, Matt and Amanda try to rescue him from this sect.

Instrumentation and synchronization

The German synchronous processing produced the Arena Synchron GmbH in Berlin, where Sven Hasper led dialogue director.


After NBC had in 2001 rejected the idea of ​​developing from the Colombian telenovela Yo soy Betty, la fea, a 30 minute comedy series, in 2004, ABC and Salma Hayek 's Ventanarosa Productions were together on a new format as a one-hour comedy-drama some series. On 13 October 2006, the station was the first season in order. After einschlagendem success, ABC decided on 21 March 2007, to produce the second season, which under the slogan " Brighter, Bolder, Bettyer " with a revised version (Hey Betty ( You Are Beautiful ) ) of Mika's song Big Girl ( You Are Beautiful ) stood. Production was halted in November 2007 due to the strike of the Writers Guild of America; the consequences were reduced to 18 instead of the proposed 23.

ABC extended the series for a third season on February 11, 2008. Moreover, the production from Los Angeles to New York City was moved to make the series more realistic and to savor the benefits of increased tax incentives in New York.


United States

The ABC beamed Ugly Betty for the first time on 28 September 2006 and landed a big surprise hit. The first three seasons ran on Thursdays in the evening program, but after the collapse of success during the third season, the time slot for the fourth season was postponed to Friday in the night program. Due to many protests by fans of the series transmitters from 6 January 2010 has been on Wednesdays to 21 clock. Nevertheless, ABC announced the end of January 2010 that "Ugly Betty " is set after the 4th season with 20 episodes instead of 22.


The ORF 1 beamed the first 18 episodes of the series from April 21 to August 25, 2007 Saturdays from early evening program. Just one week later Sat.1 began to show the first episode in the Friday evening program on April 27, 2007. Due to poor ratings but was discontinued after the second episode. The announcement of the station to take the train again in 2009 the program has not been implemented in practice. The Austrian station, however, opted for the continuation of the series and sent after the repetition of the first season of November 8, 2008 to April 18, 2009 another fifteen episodes. The third season aired a half years later on October 15, 2010, this time on weekdays in the afternoon program.

On August 8, 2010 Sat.1 started the experiment, the series under the new title again - to show every Sunday 17:15 clock " Betty Alone among models". However, this time slot could not introduce large audience, it stayed with the broadcast of the first episode at gerademal 880,000 spectators. 13 November 2010 Sat.1 turned again the series in the middle of the first season one.

With its launch, belonging to the ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG station sixx also "Ugly Betty " came in May 2010, again on German TV back and ran there on Sunday in prime time under the original title, from the second season, however, Mondays at 21 clock. In the new year, the series again won the prime-time position at 20.15 clock back, but after seven episodes of Season 3 of the station moved from 11 April 2011, the broadcast time to 21.40 clock in favor of the new series Gossip Girl. In early June changed the channel the timeslot again, the series was shown on weekdays at 18:05-18:50 clock from 9 June 2011. The German Original of the fourth season was held to 20 July 2011 of 23 June.


In Germany, the series was known by three names. While the woman sixx used the original title "Ugly Betty ", Sat.1 titled the series "Ugly Betty " and later with " Betty - Allein unter Models ".


In January 2007, the series was awarded two Golden Globe Awards - for Best Television Series Musical / Comedy, as well as for Best Actress America Ferrera, who was ever nominated as the first Latina in this category.

In April 2007 she received at the GLAAD Media Awards the prize for Outstanding Comedy Series.

In September 2007, America Ferrera was awarded the Emmy for Best Actress in a Comedy Series, while director Richard Shepard was honored for his work on the pilot.