Latino (demonym)

As a Latino man is known by the Latin American origin or of Latin American culture. "Latino " is the short form of the Spanish word latinoamericano ( " Latin American "). The female form of the word is Latina.

The term is used primarily in North America for U.S. residents whose native language is Spanish or Portuguese or their country of origin in Latin America lies. In the United States, " Latino " is used often used interchangeably to refer to the group of Hispanics. Strictly speaking Latinos are, firstly, only a portion of the Hispanic population of the United States, on the other hand see themselves living in the U.S. Although Brazilians as Latinos, but not as Hispanics. The term has no discriminatory power and will of a fraction of those affected sometimes criticized or not accepted because they see the European ( mainly Spanish, but in terms of the language, even the Roman ) heritage of Latin America over-represented.