Tony Plana

Tony Plana ( born April 19, 1952 in Havana, Cuba ) is a Cuban- American actor.

Life and achievements

Tony Plana completed a literature and theater studies degree from Loyola Marymount University with a BS magna cum laude. Later, he took acting classes at the prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, England and made his debut in 1978 as Rudy in the musical Zoot Suit, followed by other performances, including on Broadway. Later he produced some pieces of theaters in Los Angeles and New York City.

Parallel to his work with the stage Plana debuted in the late 1970s with guest appearances on American television series as an actor in front of a camera. Early in his television career, he was mainly occupied in rolls criminal, Latinos or drug lords to him in 1982, a supporting role in Love and Money was offered. Since then, he could ask in countless films and television series his acting skills.

Plana is married to actress Ada Maris and has two children, Alejandro and Isabel.

Filmography (selection)

Awards and nominations

  • 2007: Imagen Award nomination