Imagen Awards

The Imagen Award ( Imagen = Spanish for Image) is awarded by the Imagen Foundation, an organization dedicated to " the promotion and recognition of the positive portrayal of Latinos in the entertainment industry " has taken on the task each year since 1985.


In 1983 the founder Helen Hernandez met with the TV writers and producers, Norman Lear. Lear is the almost complete absence of positive portrayals of Latinos in the entertainment industry was aware of and understood the importance of presentation of positive images. The two met with leaders of the National Conference for Community and Justice, an organization whose civil law and civil-society -oriented commitment is reflected in the fight against prejudice and racist tendencies.

The result was the Imagen Foundation Awards Competition (or short: Imagen Awards ), which was founded in 1985. In the meantime, this is one event follows the annual Hollywood tradition and promotes the television, film and advertising industry in projecting Latino actors and productions in a positive and precise manner. The tradition of the Imagen Awards is to recognize those important producers, directors and writers who work behind the scenes, as well as the Latino actor in their positive roles and to portray.


Among the honorees include, inter alia, Andy Garcia, Antonio Banderas, Phil Roman, Edward James Olmos, Bill Meléndez, Rita Moreno, Jennifer Lopez, Robert Rodriguez, Raymond Cruz and Hector Elizondo.