• Mark Morales: Markie ( The Fat Boys)
  • Darren Robinson: Buffy ( The Fat Boys)
  • Ralph Bellamy: Albert Dennison
  • Anthony Geary: Winslow Lowry
  • Tony Plana: Miguel
  • Marco Rodríguez Luis Montana
  • Helen Reddy: celebrities
  • Sam Chew Jr.: The Doctor
  • Joseph R. Sicari: care home manager
  • JoMarie Payton: Kool 's Mother
  • Linda Hopkins: Buffy's mother
  • Julie Cook: Stewardess
  • Brian Moore: chauffeur
  • Troy Byer: Carla
  • Rick Zumwalt: Super Cop
  • Ray Parker Jr.: Pizza Supplier
  • Robert V. Barron: Director ( funeral )
  • Lisa Kingston: Dealer

The anarchists team is an American comedy film from the year 1987 with the rapper band The Fat Boys.


The members of the rap group " The Fat Boys" is in this film a group of qualified and overweight nurse from Brooklyn; they are hired by Winslow Dennison for a job in Palm Beach, Florida. There they are to take over the care of his ailing, seated in a wheelchair Erbonkels. It turns out that Winslow has large gambling debts with loan sharks. To pay off the gangsters Winslow hopes that the unsuspecting nurse convey his uncle as soon as possible to the grave. Curiously, however, the unusual treatment of the Fat Boys to ensure that Dennison more and more relaxed.


The rotational Work to the chaotic team took place in Florida in Bel Air, Los Angeles and West Palm Beach. It is interesting cast, as far as the supporting cast for the part known U.S. television stars were represented.


The lexicon of the International film judged the film as:

" Stump Intimate comedy full of cliche characters, especially color, are as usual in such films as stupid, characterized bold and voracious. "

Also Cinema.de judge negatively and writes: " Dauergag this lame farce to the rap band " Fat Boys " ( Damon Wimbley, Mark Morales and Darren Robinson) is liveweight: together over half a ton. Very thin, however, the story: meanie Winslow hired the Pummel as caregivers, so that they propel its rich rich uncle in the heart attack. "

In Kino.de is optimistic and thinks that this first " movie the oversized in every way rappers troupe " Fat Boys ", whose plates are also in this country sell well [ will be ] a grotesque fun in the high weight class, with great music and to the supporting roles with famous U.S. TV stars busy. "

The critics at Filmosophie.com rate this movie as slapstick, because " it is obvious that with this film from the success of the Fat Boys a little bit more fat coal should be pressed. The big advantage is that this capitalist plan was adopted and implemented in the 1980s. Nowadays, such a film would be well applauded the makers around the ears. [ ... ] Another way also is not recommended, otherwise the fun in this film is hard impaired. The fact that anarchists team now but disappeared from the scene and only a few people are aware, however, has reasons for the Fat Boys have not last over time and therefore also not this work the rich taste. "