Havana (film)

Havana ( Havana ) is an American film drama directed by Sydney Pollack from the year 1990.


The professional poker player Jack Weil gets to know the Cuban Roberta Duran on a boat trip from the U.S. to Cuba in December 1958. She is married to Arturo Duran, one of the leaders of the revolutionaries. Because Jack wants to travel to Cuba, there to organize a poker game. Roberta asks him to assist in a smuggling radio equipment for the revolutionaries to Cuba. Since Jack has since interest in the attractive woman, he agrees.

Because Jack learns from the newspaper that Roberta and Arturo were arrested. Newspapers report the death of the man. Because Jack is one of his playing partners, with him in debt, move to cause Robertas release. He learns that she was tortured and organized their escape from Cuba. When he learns that Arturo is still alive, he finds himself in a moral dilemma. On the one hand he loves passionately Roberta, on the other hand he does not want to destroy the marriage. He sold a diamond, which he carries with him to bring about Arturo's release. As Roberta reached the news that her husband is still alive, she decides to stay with him.

Shortly thereafter, the revolutionaries take power in Cuba. Because goodbye to Roberta and returns to the United States. Since then, he goes every year to the Florida Keys, where he hinausstarrt of the sea and hopes to see her again Roberta.


Desson Howe wrote in the Washington Post of 14 December 1990, Robert Redford play effectively, but he did not reveal the motivation of the character played by him. The director had a feeling for the atmosphere of political change in Cuba " ( Pollack Achieves a counterfeit sense of this atmosphere ) ."

Positif represents Havana in the tradition of the great spectacle in front of a political background; it is a poignant melodrama with a classical layout, the fashions - as the best examples of the genre - could not hurt. The resemblance to Casablanca is stated, but not convicted. The masterful actor guide procure particular Lena Olin great intensity.

Epd Film wrote, the main character and they playing Redford were " the best thing about the movie Havana. It is the portrait of a helpless man who follows the voice of the heart, a man in love. The rest of the film is not felt, but claims (...) The movie choking on his show values. "

The lexicon of international film praises the craft side, but criticizing the similarity with the movie Casablanca, and the " too superficial opulence ".


Dave Grusin has been nominated for his film music in 1991 for an Oscar and a Golden Globe Award and in 1992 for a Grammy Award.


The film was ( including in Santo Domingo ) is rotated in the Dominican Republic and in Key West. He played in the cinemas of the United States a total of about 9.2 million U.S. dollars.