The Slender Thread

  • Sidney Poitier: Alan Newell
  • Anne Bancroft: Inga Dyson
  • Telly Savalas: Dr. Coburn
  • Steven Hill: Mark Dyson
  • Edward Asner: Detective Ridley
  • Paul Newlan: Sergeant Ward
  • Robert F. Hoy: Peters
  • Dabney Coleman: Enyard
  • Greg Jarvis: Chris Dyson
  • George Savalas: billiard players

Voice on the phone is an American film drama from the year 1965. The screenplay is based on the short story Decision to Die journalist Shana Alexander, who appeared in the U.S. magazine Life on 29 May 1964 and a true story portrayed.


The black psychology student Alan Newell works as a volunteer at a clinic in Seattle. In the evening, Newell gets a woman making a call that has taken an overdose of sleeping pills to him. Newell tries to figure out where you staying, but the woman does not tell anything.

He listens to her and learns her name Inga and her story. Inga has opted for suicide after her husband, the fisherman Mark Dyson, has learned that he is not the father of her son Chris. Mrs. Dyson told Newell of the cold-heartedness of her husband. While Newell talks to Inga about their feelings, alarmed Newell's colleague Dr. Coburn police, trying to locate the location of Inga's telephone connection. Sergeant Ward and patrolmen Peters and Enyard looking from the area.

Police are searching for Mr. Dyson and informed him of the situation. The Coast Guard takes him from his ship to Seattle. Ward has received the information that Mrs. Dyson is staying in a motel room. Just when he gets there, the wife falls into a coma. At the last minute Inga is found ...


The lexicon of the International film describes the film as " exciting and of realistic film which convincingly demonstrates the reasons for the desperation of the woman. "

The magazine Cinema was: " Sydney Pollack tells the dramatic story so focused and exciting as his best thrillers. "

The Variety wrote that the film was a vehicle for talents like Poitier and Bancroft. The film had a voltage is increasing. But as good as he may be, a clearer story would improve it.

AH Weiler of the New York Times noted that the presentation and the natural dialogue would rather be remembered as history itself


In 1966, Edith Head for Best Costume Design ( B / W) and Hal Pereira, Jack Poplin, Robert R. Benton and Joseph Kish in the category Best Art Direction ( B / W) nominated for an Oscar.

Stirling Silliphant was nominated for a Golden Globe for best screenplay.


The premiere of the film took place in New York on 23 December 1965. In Germany the film was first published on April 7, 1966 in the cinemas.

Sydney Pollack worked here for the first time as a director. Except for the scenes inside the hospital, the film was shot in Seattle.