Ed Asner

Edward Asner (actually Yitzhak Edward Asner, Ed Asner also ) (* November 15, 1929 in Kansas City, Kansas ) is an American actor, film producer, voice actor and human rights activist.


Edward Asner grew up as the son of an operator of a thrift store in Kansas City. After visiting the Wyandotte High School in Kansas City, he worked for some time in a General Motors factory in which he for the first time already engaged in trade unions. A short time later he went to Chicago to study at the University of Chicago. At university he belonged to a theater group called Tonight at Eight -Thirty ( Tonight at eight-thirty ), which primarily aufführte plays by authors such as George Bernard Shaw and William Butler Yeats, under the direction of the later well-known director Mike Nichols. Edward Asner debuted as Thomas Becket in TS Eliot's Murder in the Cathedral.

Career as an actor

After two years of military service (1951-1953) in France Edward Asner returned to Chicago and began playing club for the Playwrights ' Theatre. A few years later, his dreams came true on Broadway, when he in 1960 at Eugene O'Neill Theatre played in 36 performances starring in the rather less well-known piece Face of a Hero. One of the supporting actor in the play was Jack Lemmon. More gigs followed in Broadway and Off -Broadway productions as well as in numerous Shakespeare festivals in the U.S..

After several appearances had been in New York in TV shows, pulled Edward Asner in 1961 to Hollywood, where he now began to work primarily as a film and television actor both in drama and in comedic roles, but in the early years with little success. In 1971, he landed a role in the Mary Tyler Moore Show, in which he the chief editor Lou Grant represented with great success. This role was after the end of the series in a slightly different form in a spin-off for him to lead. As a grumpy but lovable boss of the local section of the fictional Los Angeles Tribune Asner was known in the eponymous series now also the German television audience. For the role, the actor got a total of five times Emmy. He received his 17th and so far last Emmy nomination in 2009 for his guest appearance as Abraham Klein in the episode Yahrzeit of the series CSI: NY.

1981 and 1985 Edward Asner was chairman of the American film actor union.

In Hard Rain with Morgan Freeman and Christian Slater in 1998 he stood again with his former colleague and friend Betty White in front of the camera. Edward Asner is still active as an actor as well as managing his production company Quince Productions. The English-speaking world knows Edward Asner also as the voice of several cartoon characters, as well as radio plays.

Political commitment

Besides his work as an actor is Edward Asner, whose politics are aligned according to their own testimony left, known to the American public as a defender of human rights. Caused a sensation in the early 1980s, its stance against U.S. involvement in Latin America and more than twenty years later, his commitment to the murder convicted Black Panther activist Mumia Abu -Jamal. After September 11, 2001, he repeatedly criticized the aggressive reaction of the U.S. and in 2004 was the author of an open letter in which he called on the public to " the full truth about 9-11 " to demand from the government. Edward Asner is also spokesman for the initiative in 2004 Racism Watch, a campaign against racism against Arab- Americans and Arab immigrants after the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington.

Private life

From 1959 to 1988 Asner was married in first marriage. The marriage produced three children. From a relationship comes another son. Since 1998, Asner is married in second marriage with the producer Cindy Gilmore.

Synchronous voice

By synchronizing in Lou Grant, and some movies may Heinz -Theo Branding be regarded as the standard voice for Edward Asner.

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Literature on Edward Asner

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