Up (2009 film)

Up (AKA Up) from 2009 is the tenth computer-animated feature film from Pixar Animation Studios and the Walt Disney Company. The premiere was on 13 May 2009 as the official opening film for the international film festival in Cannes. The German -language theatrical release took place on 17 September 2009. It is the first Pixar production a 3D movie. In the Oscar ceremony in 2010 was awarded the top five nominees and the categories could best animated film and best film music decide for themselves. The pre-film on top is Partly Cloudy.


Ellie and Carl Fredricksen are already dreaming of it as children emulate the adventurer Charles Muntz and get to the game in their future house know. Both biggest dream is to see the Paradise Falls in South America. They remain for a lifetime a couple, but the desire for the great adventure to meet in the distance never. Before the balloon seller Carl has Ellie can give the tickets purchased by him to Venezuela, she dies of old age.

At the beginning of the film, the 78 -year-old Carl Fredricksen still lives in his house, which now wants to buy and demolish a construction company to build new buildings there. As one of the workers accidentally damaged Carl's mailbox, Carl beats him with his walking stick on his head. He is incapacitated and will be admitted to the nursing home. When the nurse to collect him, Carl flees along with his house, which he brings with thousands of balloons to fly. He wants to finally be off to Paradise Falls.

However, he accidentally takes the awkward 8 year old boy scout Russell, who had been looking for snipe under the porch after a (invented by Carl ) to be the senior help and thereby obtain the latest in a series of badges. Despite the loss of the GPS device, and a mighty storm, the two finally get to South America. You encounter a huge colorful bird that Russell has attracted chocolate. Russell calls the bird " Kevin" - where he soon realizes that it is actually a female that has no boys. Russell says that he had the wilderness presented differently and he used to eating counted cars with his father jointly ice. Why does the father now has no more time for him, is not released. To the trio of Russell, Kevin and Carl, a dog named Dug who can speak by means of a specially designed neck band joins.

The four are suddenly being chased by a pack of dogs also speaking. It turns out that the dogs Charles Muntz include who is in search of the mysterious rare bird for years and lives in his airship Spirit of Adventure in the vicinity. At home, accused of forgery Muntz once vowed to catch the bird as evidence alive. Carl confesses to him to be a big fan, whereupon Muntz invites him and Russell for dinner. Here, Russell, and blurted Muntz learns that the bird is looking for friends with his guests. Carl realizes that Muntz at nothing scares to restore his reputation and flees with Russell and Dug from the airship. In the run Kevin is injured. Carl and Russell transport the injured Kevin on the flying home to their young. Shortly before her goal of Kevin Muntz is caught, the Kindle also Carl's house. Carl Muntz Kevin can take to save his house from the flames. He gives up.

As less and less balloons are left and the house sinks deeper and deeper, he turns to his last strength to bring it to Paradise Falls. The house, however, falls short of the cases to the ground. Im sitting home Carl leafing again through Ellie's adventure book. Under the heading " What I want to experience " he finds instead of the empty sides believed, however, photos from his and Ellie's life. In the last photo of the two handwritten is "Thanks for the adventure - get yourself a new one! In love, Ellie. " Russell, meanwhile, tried with some balloons fly away to help Kevin. Carl spontaneously decides to follow him. He throws all the furniture out of the house, to make it easier.

After a struggle in and around the airship of Charles Muntz, Carl and Russell bring it under control, Muntz falls into the depths. After the fight, Carl and Ellie's house falls because of numerous destroyed balloons slowly to the ground. Carl and Russell bring Kevin with the airship to their young and fly home.

Back home, Russell gets an award for service to seniors. Actually, Russell's father should infect him selbige; but instead takes Carl to honor him. Instead of the Boy Scout Order he puts him a Grape Soda Pin by Ellie ( " Ellie " medal ) at. Muntz ' entire pack of dogs sitting in the audience. Finally, Russell and Carl are sitting with an ice cream on the curb and include cars by color, as Russell had done earlier with his father. The last scene shows Carl and Ellie's house - it is exactly landed next to Paradise Falls and is now exactly where it belonged to Ellie's drawings.

In the credits of the film photos will be shown, to see where that Dug now lives with Carl and Russel do with a lot of " little" adventure.

Film Music

The soundtrack is much more of Michael Giacchino. The title " Carl's Maiden Voyage ", " Muntz 's Dark Reverie " and "Meet Kevin In The Jungle " are interpreted by Skywalker Sound.


As a model for the Paradise Falls which still remote Salto Angel waterfalls were used.

As with every Pixar movie in the credits of the above, the so-called "production babies" listed; these are the children of the Pixar team that came into the world during film production.


The German synchronization was created by a dialogue book by Pierre Peters - Arnolds under its dialogue director on behalf of the Film & TV sync.



" [ The film ] makes us feel the greatest happiness and deepest grief. Who is not stirred from top to heart, must be wondering if he has one. Maybe it's never been done before a film, to let the audience feel so strongly the pace at which there is racing life, while leaving many unfulfilled dreams: [ ... ] "

" In a grandiose, dialogue -free initial assembly, the film captures the homely happiness and the man who eventually fights against his destiny, by giving his threatened home wing the helpless loss. [ ...] [ In South America ], the action is then followed by more conventional patterns, [ ... ] In between takes the top but always so brilliantly simple and poetic images, [ ... ] Pictures of loss, grief and death in a Disney movie, the adult than ever is. "

" Carl, Russell and Kevin (the name of the bird of paradise ) are likely to still have their place in film history for sure:. Than main characters in the first 3 - D film, which has its splendid new technology completely subordinate to the storytelling "

"That's a little too pushy mixture of psychotherapeutic knowledge and Conquer thyself ' rhetoric. "

" Pete Docter " Up " is full of funny ideas and yet most melancholy - because it is important that you always have to look ahead, no matter how much you loved in the past. "

" Pixar's great and surprising family entertainment by Pete Docter and Bob Peterson ( Monsters, Inc. ) continues the adventure genre of pulp literature and film of the thirties with a tender fantasy a monument. How to Wall-E - The last admits the earth is something that also here the epic spirit of Charlie Chaplin's great comedies and must be enchanted them "

" The animation is beautiful to look at and refreshing" unniedlich " - the dialogues are funny and the whole film exudes an old-fashioned warmth that is so rare. The imagery always manages to capture the precious moments, but which are nevertheless rooted basically in reality. That by the way the issues of age, grief and loss are discussed on unschmierige endearing way, is only one strength of this film. "


Already on opening weekend, the film in the United States reached a box office earnings of 68.10879 million U.S. dollars, place 1 Overall, the film grossed 293 004 164 U.S. dollars in the United States and the equivalent of about 430 million U.S. dollars at the international level a (of which about 32 million U.S. dollars from the German-speaking countries ), which together 723 004 164 U.S. dollar results. This top is by Toy Story 3 and Finding Nemo the third most successful animated film made ​​by Pixar.


At the ceremony for the Annie Awards on February 6, 2010 top led with nine nominations to the field of the favorite movies with Coraline ( 10 nominations ), winning the awards for best animated film and best director.

At the Golden Globe Awards 2010, Pixar production was awarded the prize for best animated film. Pixar has now received this award for the fourth time in a row. In addition, film composer Michael Giacchino won the Golden Globe Award for Best Film Music. At the ceremony for the British BAFTA Awards, the film also won victories in the categories animated film and film music.

At the Oscar ceremony in 2010 was awarded the top five nominations in the categories of Best Film, Best Animated Film, Best Original Screenplay, Best Original Score and Best sound editor. The film won the category Best Animated Film and Best Original Score for themselves.

At the Grammy Awards 2010 Top won a Grammy for Best Soundtrack Album composed for film, television or other visual media.

The 4- Disc Set ( Blu -ray) has been awarded the Video Champion in the category of family entertainment.

Computer game

THQ released the film Above: The Video Game for all the latest gaming platforms. This is 3D action -adventure, with which the player can control some characters from the film. Multiplayer feature ( co-op ) is present, but without online capability. Was criticized, among other things, the precision of the control and the simple difficulty of the puzzle.