Toy Story 2

Toy Story 2 in 1999 is the sequel to Toy Story in 1995 and like its predecessor, a completely computer-animated cartoon. He was nominated for a 2000 Best Song Oscar in the category for " When She Loved Me".


When Andy goes to summer camp, his toy figures are on their own. They watch as Andy's mother opened a flea market where they would like to sell, among other things Andy dolls. Among the dolls, however, is also the penguin Wheezy, with which the cowboy Woody, Andy's favorite toy, while its absence has befriended. The following is a rescue operation to retrieve the entrained by the mother Wheezy, Andy's dog served at Woody as a means of transportation. The plan succeeds, but wants to bring as Woody the penguin back into the room, they meet at the flea market to a man who just happened to be looking for a figure that looks just like Woody. After Andy's mother refuses to sell Woody in all circumstances, the man steals it easy.

Now the toys launch a rescue operation, are to overcome obstacles in a street in rush hour or a toy store. Meanwhile, Woody learns that he is to be sold with three other Wild West toys to a toy museum in Tokyo. First he thinks of escape, but begins to understand that Andy maybe one day when he is older, no longer need it. When he has the chance to escape with his friends, he still decides at the last moment but for a life in Andy's toy room. But the toy doll Stinky Pete, with the Woody should have been sold, now sees his peaceful Museum future at risk. He tries Woody forcibly prevent them from returning to his friends, but eventually he is rescued at the last moment of Buzz Lightyear and the other toys before the plane takes off to Tokyo. After the toys return home and Andy plays again with everyone.


Publication of the original version

The film, distributed by Buena Vista Entertainment, came on 19 November 1999 in the United States and Britain in the cinemas. On 3 February 2000, the film was released in theaters.

Although the film was produced in the format 1:1.85, contains the "Special Edition" DVD release only a 1:1,78 - format version.

The film was also in the American and British television and was, among other things translated into French, Spanish and Italian.

3D re-release

On 2 October 2009 the film in the U.S. was brought in 3D back in the cinemas. He was seen exclusively in a double screening with Toy Story, which was also converted into 3D. Originally, the demonstrations should be limited to a period of two weeks. Because of the success but this was extended to five weeks.

For the 3D conversion, the original computer data were processed and a virtual second camera added so that was present a stereoscopic imagery, which is essential for depth perception. But this process took four months to complete. Then it took another six months to provide the films with adequate 3D effects.

The 3D double screening of Toy Story 1 and 2 played within the five-week maturity U.S. $ 30,714,027 ( € 23,686,658; 28,924,419 Sr Fr, as of July 17, 2010 ) one of which alone 12.5 million U.S. $ ( € 9.64 million; 11,89 Sr Fr; Release 17 July 2010) on the opening weekend.


The German synchronization was created by a dialogue book by Hartmut Neugebauer under its dialogue director on behalf of the Film & Television synchronous in Berlin and Munich.


Annie Awards 2000

  • Best Film - Animation Film
  • Best Director - Animation Film
  • Best Music - Animated Film
  • Best Storyboarding - Animated Film
  • Best voice actress Joan Cusack
  • Best Voice Actors: Tim Allen
  • Best Screenplay - Animation Film

Academy Awards 2000

  • Nomination:
  • Best Original Song " When She Loved Me" - Randy Newman

Golden Globe Awards 2000

  • Best Picture - Musical or Comedy also nominated:
  • Best Original Song " When She Loved Me" - Randy Newman

Satellite Awards 2000

  • Best Animated film
  • Best Original Song " When She Loved Me" ( performed by Sarah McLachlan )

Box Office Germany Award 2000

Video Games

To the film also appeared a video game for the Playstation, Nintendo 64 and Dreamcast, and for the PC. In this cut-outs were used from the film to open the Levels.

Another game was released for the Game Boy Color.


  • Toy Story 2 contains some allusions to other movies, such as Star Wars ( ratio of Buzz to Zurg ), Jurassic Park ( Tyrannosaurus in the rearview mirror ) or A Bug's Life ( Flick and Gustl were briefly shown in a scene on a branch. )
  • At the end of the film are shown " Outtakes ", all of them show the breakdown in the scenes and the characters from the main movie.