Peer Augustinski

Peer Augustinski ( born June 25, 1940 in Berlin ) is a German actor, voice actor, radio speaker and audio book artist. A wide audience it was the mid-1970s known for the sketch series odds and ends, in which he acted alongside Ingrid Steeger. Augustinski is among other things the German voice of the American character actor Robin Williams.

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The son of a concertmaster and a cellist learned at the age of eight years playing the piano and began in 1954 in GDR times as a student in Neustrelitz with a study of music. In 1957 he moved to the Federal Republic and attended from 1961 to 1964, the renowned Max Reinhardt School of Acting in Berlin.


From 1964 he was engaged for two years as a stage actor at the theater Frankish castle Maßbach. Further stations of his career were the Städtebundtheater Court (1966-1968), the Schleswig -Holstein State Theatre in Flensburg (1968-1970) as well as the stages of the cities of Kiel (1970-1972) and Cologne ( 1972-1977 ). Augustinski acted in such classics as The Righteous by Albert Camus, The Robbers by Friedrich Schiller, The rats of Gerhart Hauptmann, Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller and Hersfelder in the bathroom Festival 1978 in The Servant of Two Masters by Carlo Goldoni. Following Augustinski worked as a freelance actor. From 2001 to 2005, he graduated with Ephraim Kishon's tragedy It was the lark, a theater tour through Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Although he was a talented musician and played six instruments, including drums, cello and piano, he never took advantage of this ability professionally.

Film and Television

1975 Augustinski was discovered by director Michael Pfleghar for television and received by the Sketch Series odds and ends on the side of Ingrid Steeger, Elisabeth Volkmann and Horst Jüssen within a short time a high level of awareness. Also directed by Ingrid Steeger Pfleghar and besides he played at the same time in the comedy television series Two angelic daughters. In the following years Augustinski remained in film and television a fixed size. He appeared in literary adaptations like Christine Brückner manure and wallflowers (1979 ) and its sequel Nowhere is Poenichen ( 1980) and Feuchtwanger's Exile (1981 ) with, in Klamaukfilmen such as three against three of the NDW group Trio ( 1985), Family series like Our ​​best years next Elmar Wepper and Uschi Glas (1983) and crime series such as The Old Man and Derrick. In addition Augustinski served from 1992 to 1995 as host of the show sat.1 man -o- man, and presented in 1998 on kabel eins the satirical magazine fictitious, which was awarded in the following year with the Silver Rose of Montreux.


From the mid- 1980s Augustinski was also extensively worked as a voice actor. Against the background of his theater experience and musicality Arne Elsholtz occupied him for the first time on Robin Williams as eloquent radio host in Good Morning, Vietnam (1987). Since then Augustinski regarded as German hard voice of the character actor. In addition, he dubbed internationally renowned colleagues such as Dudley Moore in Santa Claus (1985) Jeff Daniels in Dumb and Dumber (1994 ), Jean Reno in Two astray and a Pig (1995) and Tim Allen in from the jungle, in the jungle ( 1997). In the animated film Asterix in America ( 1994) he spoke the title role of zaubertrankgestärkten Gaul, in the Disney production Aladdin the Genie " Genie ". In addition, he lent the Cowboy " Woody" in the first two Toy Story films and the bat Bartok in Anastasia ( 1997) by Don Bluth his voice. Less well known is that he dubbed director Peter Jackson in Bad Taste and Dom Joly in the series Trigger Happy TV. As a voice actor of British comedians Steve Pemberton he borrowed more than 20 characters in the TV series The League of Gentlemen his voice.


Peer Augustinski has besides his voice actor activity also recorded audio books, including The night watchman, the Grim Reaper and from the post by Terry Pratchett and several detective stories by Edgar Wallace and kids audiobooks as Lisabeth and tough pirates by Richard Hamilton (2005) and My December 24 by Achim Bröger (2007). In addition, he has guest starred in several serials such as Chamber of Horrors ( radio drama series), Ghost Hunter John Sinclair, Sherlock Holmes and The stargate. In the BR- radio drama series The Last Detective he said from 1985 to 2008 in the episodes 5-42, the role of the computer "Sam".

In 2007 Augustinski worked in the role of Pontius Pilate, with the first staged reading of the Bible by Martin Luther, which was initiated by the German Bible Society.

Private life

Peer Augustinski has been married since 1972 in second marriage with the fellow actress Gisela Ferber, from this marriage comes son Bernd. His daughter, Olivia Augustinski from his first marriage to Ute Augustinski has taken this profession and was seen among others in the ARD series Marienhof. Peer Augustinski is the cousin of theater actor and dubbing speaker Rolf Schult.

On 8 November 2005 Peer Augustinski suffered a stroke, since he is paralyzed and in need of care on one side. In several public appearances in shows such as Johannes B. Kerner Augustinski reported on the effects of his illness and his recovery progress. In 2007 he took over in August Rush again the synchronization of Robin Williams, after he had to be replaced in License to Wed nor by Bodo Wolf. In June 2008, he appeared in Cologne for the first time in at a reading of Chandler mcgrew Thriller Eiskalt. In 2010 he published his book Out of the blue: My eventful life before and after the stroke, in the Augustinski describes his therapeutic results using the designed by the physiotherapist Doris Brötz training.

Filmography (selection)


  • 2001-2002: Ally McBeal ... as Claire Otoms (12 episodes )
  • 2002: Nicholas Nickleby ... as Mrs. Crummies / Mr. Leadville


  • Out of the blue: My eventful life before and after the stroke: are re- independently with the Brötz training. Trias Verlag, 2010, ISBN 978-3-830-43534-1.