Jumanji is a fantasy adventure film from 1995 by Joe Johnston.


The film begins in the 19th century and shows how two boys at night in a wooded area a wooden box buried, clearly with the intention of thereby getting rid of something sinister. After a period of Aperture in 1969, this place has now been to a construction site. Alan Parrish, son of a shoe manufacturer and the terror of a youth gang exposed encountered in the excavation pit on the box. He opens it and finds an old dice game. Alan begins this game with his friend Sarah Whittle play. But that is quickly turned into one big mistake. Once started, this game must be played to the end. Each train is another obstacle that impedes on their way to the target appears. These " obstacles " are animals (eg mosquitoes, monkeys, a lion, a herd of African elephants), natural disasters ( monsoon, quicksand, earthquakes) and the like from the jungle. From the first train of Sarah appear from the fireplace bats; then Alan is on his first train in the jungle (read: in the game ) " sucked".

26 years later pull the orphans Judy and Peter Shepherd, accompanied by their aunt Nora into the former magnificent house of Alan's parents. They also discover Jumanji and put the game away. Fortunately, they may relieve the aged of 26 Years Alan from the magical jungle. Together with traumatized by the former event and something that has become hysterical Sarah finally quit after many adventures to those induced by Jumanji spook. After the game is over, the time to turn back to the time when Alan and Sarah had started the game. Both are again the children of that time. Alan is reconciled with his father, with whom he had quarreled very early in the film. Together, Alan and Sarah who lead a life together in 1995 to prevent the accident, in which Judy and Peter's parents died. Jumanji they throw stones weighed into a river. One sees, however, in the last scene, as Jumanji is washed up on a beach and the " drumming" of Jumanji attract people.


The film is based on the homonymous children's book by Chris Van Allsburg, a year later won the Caldecott medal with the 1981 published book. The widespread board game Parcheesi was probably the inspiration for the game Jumanji in the book and movie.

With an estimated budget of 50 million U.S. dollars, the film took in the U.S. alone is a $ 100 million. Worldwide, there were $ 262 million.


The synchronization took over:


" One in the fast action scenes staged fantasy adventure that is less inclined to humor and poetry as to Horror effects. On perfecting the animatorischen Tricktechnik more care was provided as to the development of the story and the tracing of the figures. Because some frightening effects and stale stereotypes no entertainment for younger viewers. "

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