Aladdin (1992 Disney film)

Aladdin [ ə ˌ ladɪn ] is the 31st full-length animated film the Walt Disney Studios and was released in 1992. It refers to the story of Aladdin and the magic lamp from the Tales of 1001 Nights, with many elements of the traditional story for the film were changed. As spokesman was obliged, among other things Robin Williams as Genie. The budget was about 28 million U.S. dollars; which are compared with revenue of about 480 million dollars. In the United States alone, the box office was $ 217,000,000.


The film begins with a traveling merchant who sings the title song and then some merchandise advertises (including " original Babylonian Tupperware "). Then finally he shows the magic lamp and begins to tell the story of the " diamond in the rough ":

In the Arab Kingdom of Agrabah the Grand Vizier of Sultan found in the desert a treasure cave whose opening has the shape of a tiger head. He sends in his henchmen Gazzim, in order to seek an oil lamp. When he wants to enter the cave, the tiger head starts to talk and says that only a " diamond in the rough ", the cave is allowed to enter. Gazzim defies the warning, enters the cave, after which closes the throat and swallows it. Jafar realizes that he must find the person who was meant by " diamond in the rough ". He consulted an oracle, who is it and him the boy Aladdin is shown.

Aladdin is a kind-hearted street thief that is reflected in the large, bustling capital of the kingdom with his monkey Abu ends meet. His life changes from the moment, when Princess Jasmine dressed mixed among the people, and it she meets by chance. Jafar Aladdin can arrest, under the pretext that he had kidnapped the princess. In the dungeon Aladdin meets Jafar, who has disguised himself as an old, frail prisoner. He tells Aladdin from the treasure cave. Jafar Aladdin asks to bring back the lamp for him, since he was too old and weak to go into the cave. As a reward, he offers his treasures with which he could win the heart of the princess.

Both go to the cave where Aladdin is warned of the talking Cave throat to touch anything except the lamp. As Aladdin has reached the lamp and incidentally found a flying carpet, Abu touches one of the forbidden treasures, whereupon the cave begins to disintegrate. He reached the exit, but Jafar takes the lamp from him and throws him back into the cave. As Aladdin already want to give up hope, Abu shows him the lamp he had Jafar stole the last moment. As Aladdin tries to read the inscription on the lamp and to rub the dirt from her, the genie Genie appears. This now gives him three wishes. Aladdin brings Jinni to bring out him out of the cave without it but to articulate his first wish. He realizes that he can win the lovely Jasmine for himself with Jinni, which may only marry a prince by the law.

Aladdin's first wish is to become a prince. He pulls in a pompous elevator in the city but Jasmin beckons, since she wants to marry for love, and not because the law demands it. Aladdin, however, does not give up and invites her to a night walking flight on his flying carpet one, which he brought out of the cave. Jasmine in Aladdin but recognizes the street thief. But Aladdin's low self-esteem leads him to insist that he was a prince and had disguised as a simple citizen in order to escape the stress in the palace. Then Jasmin in love with Aladdin. However, the two turn comes in the way of Jafar, who also recognized the street thief Aladdin in Prince Ali. He steals to win with the help of his parrot Iago, the magic lamp and bullied because of to the Sultan and his daughter Jasmine, he is now trying for themselves.

However, Aladdin, Abu and Genie can megalomaniac Jafar overwhelm with a trick. Genie Jafar fulfilled desire itself to be a Jinni, whereupon Aladdin captures the magic lamp him, for always including a lamp, which makes him a servant even for the most Jinni all time. Jafar comes now leave it on until the lamp out if anyone ever should rub it, and Jinni banished the lamp back with a flick wide 10,000 years into the Cave of Wonders. With his last wish Aladdin Genie finally gives the freedom and receives from the Sultan 's permission to marry Jasmine.

Voice Actors


  • Arabian Nights (English Arabian Nights ) - Opening track. Sung by a traveling merchant who begins to tell the story.
  • Quick off (English One Jump Ahead ) - Sung by Aladdin on the run from the guards.
  • Nur'n " ' a little friendly (english Friend Like Me) - Sung by Jinni in the Cave of Wonders, as he demonstrates his skills Aladdin.
  • Prince Ali (English Prince Ali ) - Sung by Jinni, while Prince Ali aka Aladdin pulls in a big parade through the city.
  • A dream come true (English A Whole New World) - Sung by Aladdin and Jasmine. During their joint flight on the carpet, they fall in love.
  • Prince Ali - Reprise (English Prince Ali - Reprise ) - this second song is sung by Jafar after he has torn with the help of the lamp power for themselves and Aladdin unmasked as impostors.

DVD / Blu -ray

  • Aladdin - 2 - Disc Special Edition DVD, Buena Vista Home Entertainment, 2004..
  • Aladdin - Musical Masterpieces, Limited Edition, DVD, Buena Vista Home Entertainment, 2009..
  • Aladdin ( Special Collection ), DVD, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, 2013.
  • Aladdin, Blu -ray, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, 2013.


The film is largely based on the Indian rather than the Arab culture. In the figure of Aladdin, the signatories but based on the then young actor Tom Cruise.

Several items were taken from the Oscar- winning film The Thief of Bagdad (1940 ), for example, the figures of the naive infantile, roundish Sultan, the Grand Vizier Jaffar and best friend and constant companion of the hero Abu. Other motifs, such as the large catchment in the city where the chair is supported by an elephant, or the jump from the balcony of the princess, find themselves there.

Originally Jinni should turn into the narrator from the beginning, after he is released. That would explain how he knows the history and has the lamp. However, as a second part would be impossible if the figure was fundamentally altered, this idea has been deleted. Genies human form can be seen in the song " Prince Ali " but still. The narrator dives for the end of Aladdin and the King of Thieves back on and finished his story from the beginning of the first part and thus spans the a real trilogy. Robin Williams sang all the songs with the Jinni themselves and even wrote a few lines of it by hand.

When the film was in the rough draft Jeffrey Katzenberg presented, this was disappointed by the outcome so that he could revise all the scenes and redraw in order to bring in more verve and wit. The complete revision of the concept tipped beyond some important characters like Aladdin's mother.

Due to protests from the Arab -born population of the text of the opening song " Arabian Nights " was (English " Arabian Nights" ) changed. In the theatrical version of the controversial passage was still " you risk your head and now he is gone," later " and, you put time in the sand, never come there you away ."

The spelling of "Aladdin" with double "d" was a trick of the advertising manager. With this notation - in contrast to the original figure of "1001 Nights " - it was possible that the figure could Disney copyright protection itself.



"With" Aladdin " in 1992, a new animated age dawned, past were the days of glorified fairy tale. Because in this Animationsextravaganz that exploded on ingenuity, the possibilities of modern animation techniques were used to the full " described the film further than Pure Gagfeuerwerk and notes that this is one of the most successful animated films. A flawless masterpiece and no comparison to the classic Disney productions. It was also "Aladdin" in 1992 with admirable computer graphics for groundbreaking blockbuster.

In " " one realizes that " Aladdin " very strong from his predecessors like " The Little Mermaid" and "Beauty and the Beast" is different, because there is less of a dreamy fairy tale, but a living, vibrant history. Even the songs used under paint only the film as she used to be a part of the stories miterzählten.

"Anyone who still believes cartoons are just for kids, the case is " ' beyond help Aladdin. Because children are likely to be those who indeed delight in the figures and the vividly colored images, but noticed from the many allusions and Stichelein little. "


* For " A Whole New World


The production team of Aladdin published two more movies as Direct-to- video releases, so that one can speak of an Aladdin trilogy. So came out in 1994 and 1996, Return of Jafar Aladdin and the King of Thieves, continue to tell the story of Aladdin. In addition originated from 1994 to 1996, the 86- part TV series, Disney's Aladdin, playing time between the second and third films.

Games for Gameboy, SNES, PlayStation, PC

  • Disney's Aladdin.
  • Disney's Aladdin - Nasiras revenge