Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3 from the year 2010 is the sequel to Toy Story in 1995 and Toy Story 2 from the year 1999. Like its predecessor, it is a completely computer-animated cartoon of Pixar Animation Studios. The theatrical release was on June 18, 2010 in the U.S., on 29 July 2010 he was also in Germany in the cinemas. He was rendered in Disney Digital 3 -D. The pre-film this film is Day & Night.


The now 17 years old Andy prepares for college. His former favorite toys he no longer needs. Therefore, he plans to make all but Cowboy Woody, he wants to take to college, to the memory. However, he leaves the bag of toys are the memory stairs, then, represents his mother under the assumption that is located in garbage on the street.

Woody attempts to save his toy friends. But these have already been removed from the bag and hide in a box of toys that will be donated to the Sunnyside Daycare. Mistakenly, Woody is taken away. Sunnyside is at first glance a toy paradise, but Woody is not fooled and leaves his friends to return to Andy.

The day care soon develops into hell, as Andy's remaining toys will be greatly battered by the youngest children in the daycare. Therefore, they want the toy - chief of Sunnyside, Lotso Knuddelbär (short: Lotso ) persuaded to let them go in the quieter part. After the Space Ranger Buzz Lightyear was able to escape from the room, he realizes that the toys of Sunnyside are similarly out of a dictatorship. Buzz is captured by Lotsos henchmen and rotated by means of the technical manual in a different mode. Henceforth Buzz works as Lotsos guard and helps to lock Andy's other toys.

Woody meanwhile, will be on the way to Andy found of the little girl Bonnie, who takes him home. When you live a clown who was a friend of Lotso earlier. He explains how Lotso has become the dictator he is today. Woody then returns back to Sunnyside to rescue his friends. When one tries to Buzz poland properly again, he is accidentally switched to the Spanish language. Shortly after, Buzz falls in love with the cowgirl Jessie.

Now try Andy's toys, from the guarded prison Sunnyside to escape after Mrs. Tink has seen with her ​​lost in Andy's room mind is that it will search for them. Just before the finish but they are provided by Lotso and his henchmen. It succeeds Woody to draw the minions on his side, whereupon Lotsos erstwhile member of the band "Big Baby" Lotso shoves after a dispute in a dumpster and Lotso Woody in these same pulls with. Andy's toys try to rescue him, but now all end up in the garbage truck. This loads it into an incinerator. Buzz is on the road again with the correct polarity by a falling on him old TV. In the complex, the toys fall onto a conveyor belt where they can first escape a dismemberment. Woody rescues the trapped Lotso, climbing then the conveyor belt. He would now have the opportunity to preserve the toys by switching off the plant before the fire, but he lets her down and separates from the group. This is now caught in the fire room and just before the combustion. As the situation seems hopeless, all the toys grasp hands together to counter the threat of "death ". At the last second but they are rescued by the three " aliens " via crane. Lotso, however, is found by a truck driver and tied him to the radiator grille of his truck.

The toys return by garbage truck back to Andy back and prepare for the existence on the storage front. Woody perceives this to be unfair, however, and leaves Andy a message: He should give the girl Bonnie 's toys. At the end of the film Andy says goodbye to his toys and even playing together with Bonnie for the last time with them. In the credits is further seen that prevail pleasant states again in Sunnyside.


Before the Disney Pixar studios bought in January 2006, it looked for a split between the two studios. Disney had the rights to all previous Pixar films and characters and was thus independently a second sequel to Toy Story in order. The Circle 7 Animation Studio, independently founded by Disney, should develop the third part, the story was written by Jim Herzfeld. It was originally supposed to be about that Buzz has suffered some malfunction and is sent in prospect of a repair of the other toys to Taiwan. On the Internet, the toys find then out, however, that there was a recall of defective toys worldwide. Fearing Buzz could be "disposed of" traveling toys her boyfriend behind to save him. Meanwhile, Buzz is made ​​on other toys from around the world who were also " sorted out ".

After Disney Pixar had bought and we agreed on the fact that Pixar itself would develop the sequel, all the plans rejected it again. In just one weekend, the story was in a brainstorming session by John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton, Pete Docter, and Lee Unkrich for the film. Stanton wrote a treatment and Oscar winner Michael Arndt ( Little Miss Sunshine) set about to write the screenplay.

After an initial demonstration of the action based on storyboards, first voice recordings, sound effects and music Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, and John Ratzenberger signed for the film. In April 2009, the animation began. Director Unkrich and the animation team all shaved their heads bald to start of production. Unkrich said: " Now that we are all bald, the plan: Let's see who manages the longest without haircut and shave. "


As part of the theatrical release of Pixar's movie Up, the first teaser was released. In it you can see the toys under the direction of Woody " Toy Story 3 " build the lettering. Buzz, however, has achieved an ultra-modern, electrically illuminated counterpart, which all find out Woody again much more interesting.

Toy Story and Toy Story 2 were re-released in the U.S. on October 2, 2009 as the 3D movie. In Germany, the two films have been re- listed on 27 May 2010, also in 3D.

Mattel and Lego toys put forth to the movie.


The English speakers of Slinky Dog, Jim Varney, died in 2000 from lung cancer. A very close friend of his took over his voice. Peter Thom, the German spokesman for Slinky Dog, died 2005., The German dubbing voices for Woody and Rex are not spoken by the speakers of the first two parts.


The film was released on June 18, 2010 in the U.S. and Brazil to the cinema. A week later he was shown in Australia. On July 23, the film was shown in the UK on July 28th in France. On 29 July 2010 he started in Germany and Austria.

Toy Story 3 played on the first weekend alone in the North American cinemas a $ 109 million, more than any other Pixarfilm before. He is the first animated film that took up more than a billion. He is ranked 12 of the most commercially successful films and then broke Shrek 2 - The daring hero returns from the most successful animated film.

The free TV premiere in German-speaking countries was held on September 29, 2012 at 20:15 clock on one ORF, one day later at the same time on RTL instead.


" [ ... ] For marketing optimization or not, Toy Story 3 ' is an incredibly fun and even surprising courageous film, comparing it with previous Pixar classics - can take up playing - in the truest sense of the word. [ ... ] We are happy you would loudly complain about the fact that Pixar will go in the future more and more on the safe side and mainly rely on sequels. But as long as the upcoming sequels, Cars 2 'and' Monsters, Inc. 2 ' be similar ingenious as Toy Story 3', there is absolutely no reason to complain. "

" [ ... ] How can it be that a Googly plastic cowboy from the computer developed on the canvas more character and less artificial acts as a true Hollywood stars such as Tom Cruise? Maybe they just think a little bit longer after at Pixar, maybe they can also sometimes stir nor even to tears. There must be no contradiction with the most modern animation techniques to write declarations of love for old-fashioned toys. "

"Maybe sets, Toy Story 3 ' a bit more on action and less on emotions, but hey, this is probably the trend in Hollywood. And the Pixar people have come up with some for a third edition [ ... ]. "


The film won, among others, the U.S. National Board of Review Award for Best Animated Feature Film as well as the Golden Globe Award and a British Academy Film Award in this category. At the ceremony for the Annie Awards 2011 nominations followed in the category "Best Animated Film ", but where to Train Your Dragon in this ( and nine other ) Category (s) could prevail. For the Oscar ceremony in 2011 was followed by five nominations: " Best Film ", "Best Adapted Screenplay ", " Best Animated Film", " Best Original Song " ( We Belong Together) and "Best sound editing ". Toy Story 3 won in the categories " Best Animated Film" and " Best Original Song ".

Video game

To the film also appeared a video game for Wii, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS, Windows PC, Mac, and PlayStation Portable. In it, the player takes on the role of Buzz, Woody or Jessie or the PlayStation 3 game for the first time in the role of Zurg.