Andrew Stanton

Andrew Stanton ( born December 3, 1965 in Boston, Massachusetts) is an American film director and screenwriter for animated films.


Andrew Stanton has worked at Pixar Animation Studios. In 1995, he was there his debut as a screenwriter for Toy Story. Three years later he made together with his colleague John Lasseter film A Bug's Life. His first feature film as a director was Finding Nemo, for which he received an Oscar in 2004 and won two Annie Awards.

Andrew Stanton has also worked as executive producer and worked as ratatouille from the year 2007.

Early September 2009, Stanton was honored at the 66th Film Festival of Venice, together with his colleagues Brad Bird, Pete Docter, John Lasseter Lee Unkrich and the Golden Lion for lifetime achievement.

Filmography (selection)


  • 2004: Academy Award for " Best Animated Feature " Finding Nemo for also nominated: "Best Original Screenplay " (with Bob Peterson and David Reynolds )
  • Also nominated: "Best Original Screenplay " (with Pete Docter and Jim Reardon )