Monsters, Inc.

Monsters, Inc. ( Original title: Monsters, Inc. ) is a 2001 computer-animated feature film published by the Pixar Animation Studios in collaboration with Disney. The film presented in its first week with box office receipts of over 62 million U.S. dollars towards the hitherto best start an animation film. Overall, the film earned more than 561 million U.S. dollars in cash, making it the seventh most successful film under the completely computer animated movies (as of September 2013).


James P. " Sulley " Sullivan, a hairy, blue giant, and his best friend Michael " Mike" goggle Frankowski (original Wazowski ), a poison green eyeball on two legs, are monsters. They work together in the Monsters, Inc., a renewable energy provider in Monstropolis.

Sulley and Mike are masters of their trade perfectly. You scare people children at night to produce by the bloodcurdling screams energy that is collected in containers and benefits of energy supply of Monstropolis. However, a physical contact with humans is considered to be dangerous. Such " contaminated " Monster have to reckon with harsh decontamination measures.

Just when it looks as if the two would break the company's internal record again, passes through an unfortunate event a human child at the side of Sulley in Monstropolis. Mike and Sulley try to get rid of the child to move on without attention.

Over several futile attempts Sulley developed a cordial relationship with the little girl he called Buh, while Mike wants to remain rational. Sulley can eventually prevail in this regard, save boos from a life-threatening situation and bring her back to her nursery.

In the course of these events, the two uncover a conspiracy that leads up to the top management level. This and the good experience with Buh ultimately lead to the reorganization of Monsters, Inc., which now draws energy from the laughter of children, which is ten times more effective than the cry of force.

Production and publication

All figures, landscapes and effects were created on the computer. The monster Sullivan, for example, has over 2.3 million hair. The scene in the hall door used 35 million individual and identifiable doors and a mile-long carriage roller coaster. During production of the film on the computer called Hidden City (working title ), or Monsters, Incorporated.

In addition to film a short film called Mike's new car was produced. He was shown in the cinema after the main movie and was also released on DVD. A month after the premiere was exchanged during the main movie of the guy. In the new guy there was a blooper reel with (either intentionally rendered ) botched scenes as well as a performance of the amateur actors musicals, mentioned by Mike in the film. The version with this guy is to be found in the 4:3 fullscreen DVD version, as well as a separate bonus feature at the 2- DVD Special Edition and the Blu -ray. The television broadcasting mostly includes the original guy, but with a tone of new credits.

During its initial theatrical release in 2001, the film grossed a total of about 525.4 million U.S. dollars ( 383.5 million euros, 469.2 million Swiss francs) a. Which with 255.4 million U.S. dollars ( 186.4 million euros; 228.1 million Swiss francs), more than half in North America alone (United States and Canada ) as well as 14.8 million U.S. dollars ( 10, 8 million euros; 13.2 ) in Germany and 2.5 million U.S. dollars ( 1.8 million euros, 2.2 ) in Austria. Inflation -adjusted basis, the then total box office today about the equivalent of 718 million U.S. dollars, or 524.1 million euros, respectively, 641.2 million Swiss francs.

Ahead, the sequel, which is 2013 coming in 3D in cinemas, even Monsters, Inc. in 2012 in North America (United States and Canada) and was in some foreign markets 3D converted again into theaters brought. Here, the film grossed a total of more 36.3 million U.S. dollars ( 26.5 million euros, 32.4 ) a.

Thus, the film reaches a nominal total box office income of about 561.6 million U.S. dollars ( 409.9 million euros, 501.5 million Swiss francs).



A sequel came under the title The Monster University on 20 June 2013, the German cinema, the film premiered in North America under the June 21, 2013 debut. The film tells the history to " Monsters, Inc. " and is thus the first prequel to a Pixarfilm. He describes the first meeting of Sulley and Mike and the emergence of their friendship. Directed by Dan Scanlon ( Cars) and the screenplay was written by Andrew Stanton ( WALL-E - Legend of the Dee on earth ).


" Very entertaining, technically and artistically perfect computer- animated animated fairy tale full of wit and panache that turns the classical myths and monsters dramaturgy makes likeable heroes who impress with their plastic character drawing. "


  • 2002: ASCAP Film and Television Music Award for Randy Newman
  • 2002: Academy Award for " Best Song " for If I Did not Have You by Randy Newman
  • 2002: BAFTA Award for "Best Film "
  • 2002: Bogey Award in Silver
  • 2002: Hochi Film Award for "Best Foreign Film "
  • 2003: Annie Award for Doug Sweetland for an Extraordinary Character Animation
  • 2003: Grammy for "Best Song" for If I Did not Have You by Randy Newman
  • The film was also nominated in the categories of Best Animated Film, Best Music and Best Sound Editing Oscar.