Royal Academy of Dramatic Art

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The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art ( RADA ) is a traditional London drama school, which has trained many well-known British actor.


Founded as the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art ( RADA ) in 1904 by English actor and theater manager Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree.

Its executive leaders were in course of time Sir Johnston Forbes - Robertson, Sir Arthur Wing Pinero, Sir James Barrie, WS Gilbert, Irene Vanbrugh and George Bernard Shaw. Shaw left drama school in 1950 a third of its licenses. Thus the school benefits, for example, the license for the film My Fair Lady ( 1964). Since 2001 she is a founding member of the Conservatoire for Dance & Drama.

The RADA is a challenging drama school in the UK. It takes a year only 32 new students at the drama school. It requires no degree and assigns these places solely on the basis of a successful audition. The administration of the Academy is up to the King's College London.

Since 2004, Lord Richard Attenborough is the president of the school. John Whitney 's chairman, Alan Rickman and Michael Attenborough, the Deputy Chairman. The school principal is Edward Kemp.

Admissions process

The BA Acting course ( drama degree) is a course of study at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art with a high reputation. Each year, apply about three to four thousand people for 32 to 40 assigned to places. The admission process consists of four sections:

The admissions process begins in October of the previous year ( deadline is March 1 of the following year ). The baseline is possible only in the winter semester.

Known graduates ( selection)