Odyssey 5

  • Peter Weller: Chuck Taggart
  • Sebastian Roché: Kurt Mendel
  • Christopher Gorham: Neil Taggart
  • Leslie Silva: Sarah Forbes
  • Tamara Craig Thomas: Angela Perry
  • Kenneth Mitchell: Marc Taggart
  • Gina Clayton: Paige Taggart
  • Amari Myles: Corey Forbes
  • Phillip Jarrett: Paul Forbes
  • Lindy Booth: Holly Culverson
  • Sonja Smits: Cynthia Hodge

Odyssey 5 is a Canadian sci-fi series, which focuses on the crew of the space shuttle Odyssey to NASA Commander Chuck Taggart (Peter Weller ) is. During a routine mission in space they witness how the earth is completely destroyed. From an alien, who describes himself as the seeker, saved from death, the crew is sent five years into the past to prevent the ends of the earth. Back in the past, the five -man crew is more and more sinister events on the ropes.

Broadcast manner and production

The television series was originally created in terms of plot, on five seasons. The series aired in the United States between June 2002 and October 2004 on the U.S. television channel Showtime. The first 14 episodes ran very successfully abort the broadcast up without giving reasons and the production of the series was discontinued. The remaining six episodes were aired in October 2004. Also massive protests of the fans could not change at the end of the series.

In Germany, Odyssey has 5 erstausgestrahlt between June 6, 2004 and October 24, 2004 at Sat.1 in a dubbed version. 2007 Odyssey 5 was repeated from 10 June to 22 October in the early morning program on Saturdays and Sundays between four and five clock and the second time from 3 January 2009 Sat.1.