Jalingo is the capital of the Nigerian state of Taraba, and is located in Eastern Nigeria. One estimate from 2006 indicate that it has 122 064 inhabitants.


Jalingo is located in the area covered by savannah area of the foothills of Shebshi Mountains, about 40 km south-east from the shores of Benue. By road, the city is connected to Yola and Wukari.


Jalingo and its surroundings are the smallest of the 16 Local Government Areas ( LGA) of the state of Taraba with an area of ​​190.76 km ². At the last census in 1991, the LGA had 74 108 inhabitants and thus a population density of 388 inhabitants per km ². In the city itself 67 226 inhabitants were counted.

Diocese Jalingo

  • Diocese Jalingo


8.911.366666666667Koordinaten: 8 ° 54 'N, 11 ° 22' O

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