James Lincoln Collier

James Lincoln Collier ( * June 27, 1928 in New York) is an American journalist, author and youth jazz author.

Collier came from a family of writers and teachers and made ​​in 1950 at Hamilton College 's financial statements. 1950/1 he was in the military and was afterwards until 1958 in New York magazine editor. In 1960 he published his first book, and from the mid- 1960s, he has written numerous children 's books ( fiction and non-fiction ), particularly books for young people with historical content, partly with his brother Christopher Collier ( " Drama of American History " series, Benchmark Books), a history professor. His book My Brother Sam is Dead (1974 ), which plays in the American War of Independence, in 1975 nominated for the National Book Award. He is also known for a series of jazz biographies of Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman.

Collier is also jazz trombonist.

It should not be confused with the British jazz musician and jazz author Graham Collier.

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