James Michael Tyler

James Michael Tyler ( born May 28, 1962 in Winona, Mississippi ) is an American actor, best known for his role as Gunther on the NBC sitcom Friends.

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James Michael Tyler was born the youngest of five children of a retired captain of the U.S. Air Force and a housewife on 28 May 1962 in Winona, Mississippi, United States. At the age of 11 he lost his parents and was moved to its sister in Anderson, South Carolina. He graduated from Clemson University and earned a degree in geology. During this time he was a member of a theater group at his university and discovered for the first time as the acting itself. In 1988, he moved to Los Angeles, where he was a production assistant for The Shadow Maker ( Fat Man and Little Boy), as well as an extra.

Tyler played from 1994 to 2004, the supporting role of Gunther on the NBC sitcom Friends. He played in 78 of 236 episodes of Friends with (or appears in 131 of 236 episodes ) and is thus the actor, who, apart from the six main characters, appears the most. His role was a waiter in a New York Café ( Central Perk ), in which the main characters ever were. Gunther has evolved from a background extra in a popular supporting character, who even amorous feelings towards Rachel Green, played by Jennifer Aniston had.

Tyler got the role because he knew the only extra, how to operated an espresso machine ( he had before he became an actor, worked in various cafes ). His trademark, the wasserstoffblondierte hair, was originally an accident which had occurred the day before the casting for Friends. A friend of Tyler, who was a budding hairdresser, had been experimenting with his hair and it had received this color. Meet the producers of Friends but the color so well-liked that Tyler kept them.




Guest appearances

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  • 2001: Sabrina - totally bewitched!
  • 2005: Scrubs - The Beginners
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