James Russo

James Vincent Russo ( born April 23, 1953 in New York City ) is an American actor.

Life and achievements

Russo graduated from the New York High School of Art & Design, and studied at New York University. During this time he played the award- winning short film, The Candy Store, for which he also wrote the screenplay. He then worked for several years as a taxi driver.

Russo played in the film drama Extremities (1986 ) the role of Joe, Marjorie ( Farrah Fawcett ) harassed. Just as Farrah Fawcett he played in filmed theater piece; for this role, he was awarded in 1983 with the price of Theatre World.

In Western Bad Girls (1994 ) Russo took over the role of Kid Jarrett, robs and whipping Cody Zamora ( Madeleine Stowe ). In the thriller Donnie Brasco ( 1997), he starred opposite Al Pacino and Johnny Depp, in the science-fiction film Postman (1997), he appeared alongside Kevin Costner. In the thriller Angel of Retribution (1999 ), he starred with Angie Everhart and Eric Roberts one of the main roles. For the lead role in the thriller The Box (2003) he won an award at the San Diego Film Festival in 2004.

Filmography (selection)