Jan Graubner

January Graubner ( born August 29, 1948 in Brno ) is Archbishop of Olomouc and Metropolitan of the Ecclesiastical Province of Moravia.


After graduating from high school in 1967 in Strážnice Graubner had a year as workers operate before he was allowed to resume the study of Catholic theology in Olomouc. In 1973 he received the Sacrament of Holy Orders and initially worked in pastoral care in Zlín and Valašské Klobouky. In 1982 he became pastor of the parishes in Vizovice, Provodov and Horni Lhota u Luhačovic.

On March 17, 1990, Pope John Paul II appointed titular bishop of Tagaria and Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of Olomouc. He received his episcopal consecration of the Olomouc archbishop František Vaňák on April 7, 1990. Were co-consecrators Bishop Vojtěch Cikrle of Brno and Bishop Karel Otčenášek of Hradec Kralove.

On September 22, 1992, he was appointed by John Paul II as the successor of the deceased František Vaňák Archbishop of Olomouc. He took office on 7 November 1992.

Graubner is chairman of the Czech Bishops' Conference and chairman of the Pastoral Commission and the Commission for charitable purposes.

His motto is Quod Dixerit facite vobis ( " Do whatever he tells you, do it " ) and is taken from the Gospel of John (Jn 2,5 EU).

For his services in January 2008 with the Graubner was Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk Order - II class excellent.