Jean Colombe

Jean Colombe ( * ca 1430; † ca 1493 ) was a French book illustrator, which is detectable in Bourges from 1463. He was probably the brother of the sculptor Michel Colombe. Jean Colombe was among others in the service of Queen Charlotte of Savoy, and from 1486 also known as Hofminiator of Duke Charles I of Savoy. From this time the now split between Paris and Brussels, Histoire de Merlin, which was started by the Master of Charles de France and probably also completed by Colombe on behalf of the Savoyard duke comes. Jean Colombe had two sons, François Philibert, of which the older, Philbert, 1493/94, the House took over in Bourges. François must have died before 15 May 1512 while he was working with his uncle Michel Colombe at the tomb of the deceased Savoyard Duke Philibert of Savoy, Brou commissioned by Margaret of Austria.

Colombe illuminated around 1475 for Louis de Laval the work of Sébastien Mamerot: Les Passages d' oultre mer du noble Godefroy de Bouillon, du bon roy Saint Loys et de plusieurs vertueux princes. To 1472 he had already edited also by Mamerot histoire des neuf preux et des neuf Preuses also illuminated along with the named after this manuscript Master of the Vienna Mamerot for Louis de Laval. 1485 he completed on behalf of the Duke of Savoy 's famous manuscript of the Très Riches Heures, which had begun for the Duc de Berry to 1416, the Limbourg Brothers. For the same client he has completed the apocalypse of the Dukes of Savoy between 1485/89, which was begun 1428-1434 by Jean Bapteur and Péronet Lamy.

Among the most important works include the Colombes to 1469/70 has started and well ten years later completed Book of Hours for Louis de Laval. He is the successor of Jean Fouquet, without the championship to reach. Nevertheless, he seems to have been the dominant miniature painter of his time with a large workshop and to have influenced, among other things, the school of Rouen sustainable.