Jeremie Miller

Jeremie Miller ( * 1975 in Cascade, Iowa) is the inventor of the XMPP / Jabber technologies with which he has been since 1998, and has been the driving force in the development of the first reference implementation of an XMPP server jabberd. Miller also wrote one of the first XML parser in JavaScript.

He grew up on a farm near his small hometown. Later he attended Iowa State University and studied " Computer and Electrical Design " there. However, Miller broke off his studies in 1995 to work at a start-up Internet provider.

The first publicly released larger version of Jabber was released in May 2000. XMPP / Jabber is an open -source alternative to the numerous proprietary Instant Messenger.

Currently, Miller is working on projects of Gibeo and the Web -based Instant Messenger on2me. He is also active as a consultant in the field of software development.

With his wife Lis and his three sons, he continues to live in Cascade, where he also runs a small gift shop and a " Bed & Breakfast " board.