JetBrains is a Czech software company with offices in Prague, St Petersburg, Boston and Munich. JetBrains was founded in 2000 by Sergey Dmitriev, Eugene Belyaev and Valentin Kipiatkov.

The company is known for its developed since 2001 Java development environment (IDE ) IntelliJ IDEA known. This " was long regarded as one of the last large commercial IDEs that have survived the triumph of Eclipse [ ... ] ".


  • IntelliJ IDEA - Java IDE focused on developer productivity.
  • Kotlin - a programming language running on the Java Virtual Machine
  • Resharper - refactoring extension for Microsoft Visual Studio that supports C # and Visual Basic NET. .
  • TeamCity - Continuous Integration Server for and the build process.
  • DotCover - Code Coverage Tool for NET.
  • DotTrace - Profiler to find bottlenecks in power and memory of NET applications. .
  • DotPeek - Decompiler for NET Assemblies / binaries.
  • RubyMine - Ruby IDE for pure and Web applications based on Ruby on Rails.
  • PyCharm - Python IDE.
  • JetBrains MPS - software development environment for metaprogramming to define its own specialized programming languages ​​and to use with other languages. It implements concepts of the Language Oriented Programming.
  • YouTrack - web-based issue tracking system.
  • Omea - feed reader, newsgroup aggregator and bookmarks manager.
  • PhpStorm - IDE for PHP.
  • WebStorm - IDE for JavaScript.
  • AppCode - Objective-C IDE for Mac OS X and iOS.