Jimmy Yancey

Jimmy Yancey ( born February 20, 1898 in Chicago, † September 17, 1951 in Chicago, actually James Edward Yancey ) was a black blues and boogie woogie pianist whose peculiarity it was, all his plays, no matter what key, always with the tone to finish it.

At the age of six years Yancey appeared in public on vaudeville shows as a singer and tap dancer. Later he went on tour in the U.S. and Europe. In 1915 he settled in his native city of Chicago, began to compose their own songs and played at clubs and House Rent Party. In 1925, he was then groundskeeper from Comiskey Park for the baseball team Chicago White Sox. Outside of Chicago Yancey was popular until 1936, when Meade "Lux " Lewis one of his songs ( Yancey Special) coverte and published. It was only in May 1939 Yancey made ​​with the songs The Fives and Jimmy 's Stuff even own recordings that produced Dan Qualey. Later Yancey published on Victor, OKeh and Bluebird. In 1948, he joined with his wife Estelle "Mama" Yancey at Carnegie Hall in New York City on.

Although Yancey had attained a degree of fame at the end of his life, he never gave up until his death in 1951, his job as a groundskeeper for the Chicago White Sox. 1986 Yancey was posthumously inducted into the category " Early influences " included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


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