Johann Baptist Jenger

Johann Baptist Jenger ( born March 23, 1793 in Kirchhofen in Freiburg, † March 30 1856 in Vienna ) was an Austrian civil servant and musicians from the environment by Franz Schubert.


Jenger 1818-1825 was employed as an adjunct in the Imperial and Royal box office in Graz and was active on the Board of the Styrian Musikverein. Even as a pianist and organist Jenger has emerged.

Since his transfer to Vienna, he served as Chief of the Chancellery of the local music club. He was a piano accompanist of Carl von Schönstein and also has played often with Schubert or in its presence. On Jenger, on the still last private letters Schubert are narrated from the September and October 1828, organizing a musical evening goes ( on September 27, 1828 at Dr. Ignaz Menz ) back with the performance of Schubert's last three piano sonatas and songs. In 1830 Jenger wrote a biographical sketch about Anselm Hüttenbrenner.

A close friend was Jenger with the brothers Hüttenbrenner and Marie, Charles and fist Pachler family in Graz and the Burgtheater actress Sophie Muller and the draftsman and lithographer Joseph Teltscher.