Johnny Mack Brown

John Mack Brown ( also: Johnny Mack Brown, born September 1, 1904 in Dothan, Alabama, † November 14, 1974 in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California ) was an American actor and American football player.


John Mack Brown was a gifted American football player who rose to the position of the Half Backs by its superior performance in the Rose Bowl in 1926 is a national sports hero. The following year, MGM took him under contract and for several years played John Mack Brown, who later mostly occurred as Johnny Mack Brown, incidental and occasional lead roles. He was seen as Greta Garbo criminal and dishonorable husband in a shameless woman in 1928 and joined the same year alongside Joan Crawford in Our Dancing Daughters on. With the advent of sound film, however, the strong Alabama accent of Outlaw Brown was a handicap and after the show in King Vidor's monumental Western, feared, loved - Billy the Kid his career dwindled swiftly. His role alongside Joan Crawford in Laughing Sinners was cut after a disastrous preview and turned the film with Clark Gable almost completely new. It was also Gable, the future, the most roles of Brown took over. Since the mid- decade Brown was seen exclusively in cost- produced Western and was from 1942 to 1950 continuously in the top ten of the most bankable Western Stars. After 1953, the actor from the film business withdrew.

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