JOIDES Resolution

JOIDES Resolution (Joint Oceanographic Institutions Deep Earth Sampler ) is a research vessel that was used from 1985 at the Ocean Drilling Program and the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program. It is the successor of the Glomar Challenger.

The ship was launched in 1978 in Halifax from the stack and was originally called Sedco / BP 471 It was designed for oil drilling and owned by BP and Schlumberger. 1984, the ship was converted into a research vessel and renamed JOIDES Resolution in. The partial name resolution is derived from the resolution, on the James Cook conducted his research trips in the Pacific. The JOIDES Resolution is owned by Overseas Drilling Limited, a subsidiary of Siem Offshore AS.


  • Length: 143 m
  • Width: 21 m
  • Max Bohrgestängelänge: 9150 m
  • Height of the rig: 61.5 m above the water line
  • Max load of the rig: 650 t
  • Crew: 65 ( max 50 scientists and technicians. )
  • Flag: Cyprus Republic of Cyprus
  • IMO number:. 7423081
  • Callsign: 5BMM3