Josiah Edward Spurr

Josiah Edward Spurr ( born October 1, 1870 in Gloucester ( Massachusetts); † January 12, 1950 in Orlando ( Florida)) was an American geologist.


From 1896 he charted on behalf of the United States Geological Survey parts of Alaska and examined the local minerals. The volcano of Mount Spurr, the moon crater Spurr and a mineral named after him.

Publications (selection )

From Spurr there are more than 100 publications in several languages.

  • The ore magma; 1923
  • Geology of the Aspen mining district, Colorado; 1898
  • Political and commercial geology and the world 's mineral resources; 1920
  • Geology Applied to selenology; 1945
  • The marketing of metals and minerals; 1925
  • Economic geology of the Georgetown quadrangle; 1908
  • Geology of the Tonopah mining district, Nevada; 1905