Journal of Economic Perspectives

The Journal of Economic Perspectives ( JEP ) is a quarterly published academic journal on economic issues. It is published by the American Economic Association since 1987. The magazine was launched by Carl Shapiro, Timothy Taylor and Joseph E. Stiglitz. Currently, David H. Author editor. All articles are free or free accessible after registration.


The Journal of Economic Perspectives positioned between the general press and specialist journals of individual economic sub-disciplines. Article of the JEP will bring together results of the current economic research, public policy analysis from an economic perspective, the cross-fertilization of different research fields to stimulate, make the economic thinking accessible - especially in teaching - and also treat the subject of economics itself. Articles are not, as usual, submitted by authors. Instead, the editors ask articles on selected topics with authors.


In the magazine list of the Handelsblatt Ranking Economics ( 2007), the JEP is classified in the third-best category and thus belongs to the top 45 economic journals.

The Impact Factor of the Journal of Economic Perspectives was in 2012 at 3,489. In the statistics of the Social Sciences Citation Index, the journal impact factor with this was performed on 8 out of 333 journals in the category Economics.